Paige Porio | August 26, 2014

Developing A First Aid Delivery Program

It is no secret that everyone in our industry is looking for the same thing, and asking the same question:“How can I create a new revenue stream that not only works from an operational standpoint, but is also extremely profitable?” If you have ne...

antimicrobial laundry procedures

Paige Porio |

Delivering an Exceptional Level of Protection

For the laundry, taking every precaution to deliver clean, safe linen is top priority. Equally important is being proactive in making your clients aware of your processes and controls to produce clean, safe linen and of their role in insuring that li...

social media mayhem

Paige Porio |

Social Media Mayhem

Technology is constantly offering more ways to communicate, and employers rightfully should feel pressured to keep up with the ways technology impacts the workplace. Here are a few practical lessons you can put to good use to make sure you don’t ge...

Using Objections to Make the Sale

Paige Porio |

I Object!

Textile Rental Sales Reps hate them.  Yep, I’m talking about objections.  The real challenge is not the objection, but, understanding what the objection means.  Let me explain. Objections usually arise during the presentation or the close when t...

Multi-Hazard FR Workwear

Paige Porio |

Multi-Hazard FR Clothing

The demand for flame-resistant (FR) clothing that protects against several hazards is rapidly increasing. Managers in the safety arena are finding that their field employees face more than one hazard throughout the day, and in response, FR fabric man...

Bill Muske, Mid City Services

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Mid City Services

Six years ago this August, Bill Muske bought an inefficient, medium size mat laundry in Minnesota’s Twin City area. What happened next is a story of transformation of the industrial laundry business model. For the past 3 years Mid-City Services has...

Health Care Update

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Health Care Update

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act / PPACA (or just “ACA”), “Health Reform,” or “ObamaCare” has changed the landscape of health insurance, probably forever. The controversial passage of the law has brought about some things th...

Google Plus Local Pages

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Goodbye Google Places, Hello Google+ Local  

You may not have realized major changes are coming to your Google Local Listings. Google Places has moved to the new Google+ Local platform. First, let’s recap on just what is a local listing on Google? Google local listings, formerly known as Goog...

Ash City Genesis of an apparel Line

Paige Porio |

The Genesis of an Apparel Line 

After the in-depth look at the exciting Creative Process from our first installment of The Genesis of an Apparel Line, the creativity definitely doesn’t stop there! In this segment, we will take a look at the Building Process of an Apparel Line. Af...

Showdown Signs and Displays

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Signs and Displays

Success in Direct Sales boils down to a simple fact: If you meet your customers’ needs they will come back time and again to give you more business. You are likely meeting the workwear or corporate apparel needs that your customers demand and you m...