Scott Delin shares tips on winning the competition fight against larger companies

Paige Porio | November 10, 2014

Competing with the BIG GUYS and Winning!

Today, as the smaller laundries and dealers approach renting and/or selling to healthcare facilities and health systems, it may seem like they’re at a disadvantage as the odds favor the larger companies or the “BIG GUYS” to win the business. As...

you need to know the difference between price and cost

Paige Porio |

The Difference Between Price and Cost

It is critical that every textile rental sales rep understands the difference between price and cost when your prospect asks you for your prices. Even seasoned rental sales reps fall into the trap of believing that the key to getting the sale is offe...

ash city tradeshow booth

Paige Porio |

The Genesis of an Apparel Line

So now, what do we do with the concepts and products that have gone through months of development? After looking at the process of Creating and Building an Apparel Line in the first two installments of this three part series, we must now launch the c...

Marisa Sanfilipo, Fortune Web Marketing, shares some tips on facebook advertising

Paige Porio |

Get Started With Facebook Advertising

If you’re using Facebook for business, by now you may have already heard about or noticed in your Facebook Insights – organic (unpaid) reach has dropped down to 1 to 2 percent. What this means is … unless you “pay to play” your Face...

Joe Rubbelke recounts the training session he delivered at th eUniversal Unilink conference

Paige Porio |

Helping vs Selling

Joe Rubbelke, Mountville Mills, has been a longtime supporter of Universal Unilink Members. As both a presenter and participant in conferences past and present, he brings a unique and valuable perspective. Take a minute to see how you can apply the p...

Jennifer Schulman, Fortune Web Marketing, gave a great presentation about what is working now in the world of internet marketing

Paige Porio |

Internet Marketing

For the second year, Jennifer Schulman, Fortune Web Marketing, demystified internet marketing for conference attendees. Here are some of the highlights of her presentation. My colleagues and I had the honor of leading a seminar again this year in reg...

Some of the many benefits of a Universal Unilink membership

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Member Resources

Your Universal Unilink membership continues to add value to you business bottom line. Check out some of these members-only resources. The 2015 Conference Owners, Executives and Preferred Suppliers meet together for exceptional training, sharing best ...

vital update

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November Vital Updates

Welcome New Members Aspire Elevator & Floor Services Oakland Park, FL Minnesota Workwear Minneapolis, MN The Longfield Group, LLC, Lakewood, NJ Welcome Back Member Metrotex Textile Rental Service Fremont, OH Welcome New Suppliers Consolidated Lau...

Bob Carpenter of New Service Concepts gave th efocus group report on the last day of the conference

Paige Porio |

Transition and Growth

Bob Carpenter, New Service Concepts of Zanesville, OH , has been attending Universal Unilink conferences for years. After participating in the Transition and Growth Focus group, Bob gave a report to the members. Here are some of his remarks. My partn...

Jim Sanford of American Eagle Imagewear shares the strategy behind his company's success

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Know Your Customer, Grow Your Business

Jim Sanford of American Eagle Imagewear led a discussion exploring ways to build systems to gain and serve more profitable client and supplier relationships. Following is Jim’s guide to growing his business. The first step is to conduct a detailed ...