Paige Porio | January 22, 2015

Looking Back, Moving Forward

With 2014 in the rear view mirror, most Universal Unilink Members are thinking about the future—as well they should. But it may be helpful to take a moment and reflect on successes and disappointments to get a better idea of the direction to steer ...

Paige Porio |

The Time Is Right For Increasing Profits

Any time we can talk with our customers about federally mandated products, we should jump at the chance. OSHA’s 1910.132 provides very specific verbiage about the need for employers to provide personal protective equipment at no charge for their em...

corporate wellness programs save company health expense

Paige Porio |

Corporate Wellness

Looking for a way to organically grow business with an existing client? Tap into their corporate wellness program. If you are already working with a company on their sales promotions, ask for an introduction to their HR department to see if you can h...

wicking is a feature that affects comfort in uniforms

Paige Porio |

Performance Everywhere

If you have been in a retail store shopping lately you have seen the words “performance wear.” It is now on everything from dog beds at pet stores to underwear by Jockey – and on every polo and tee shirt you see. This means your clients are see...

rental laundry employees should reflect company values

Paige Porio | January 21, 2015

A Culture of Excellence

Are Your Employees REFLECTING the culture of your company or are they DEFLECTING it? Hmmm… Ever thought about that? Does your company have a clearly defined culture? And a plan to thread that culture throughout your operations? —— so that your ...

Paige Porio |

Ask Serena

Do you have a legal question about your business? Starting in March, practicing Texas attorney Serena Putegnat will explore some of the legal entanglements that can befall Universal Unilink Members. Serena is uniquely suited for the task as–in ...

industrial laundries and other small business can benefit from direct mail

Paige Porio |

The Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail suffers from longstanding myths about its effectiveness. Most novice marketers get the wrong idea about direct mail — often in the area of what to spend and how much to mail. But there are many benefits of direct mail marketing and I am...

Caplan's Uniforms Inc., Alexandria Louisiana

Paige Porio |

Caplan’s Uniforms

According to a study published by the Washington Post, less than half of new small businesses are still in operation four years after their founding. If your business is still going strong in its fifth year, congratulations are in order. But if you w...

small business fights back and wins

Paige Porio |

Winning Big in the SMALL Game

One question at the forefront of every independent textile rental president’s mind is, “What is the best way to compete with large corporate uniform and linen rental companies?” After all, the big 6 (Alsco, Ameripride, Aramark, Cintas, G&K ...

what you need to implement in the new year

Paige Porio |

5 Must-Have Employment Law Resolutions For 2015

A new year often comes a host of new business resolutions. While the end of the year is a great time to reflect, it is also an ideal time to create a plan on problem areas that need to be addressed. Below is a list of five of the employment law probl...