vital update

Paige Porio | May 1, 2015

May Vital Updates

Welcome New Members Buanderie Cayen Laundry Hawkesbury, Ontario Canada Image First Healthcare Laundry Specialists San Antonio, TX MatMasters / Pilarczyk, Inc. Geneva, IL Premier Linen & Supply Palm Beach Gardens, FL Rammco Linen Services Rosevill...

employee recognition leads to more profits

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Employee Engagement

Employee engagement. It’s all the rage in the field of employee relations – but what is it and what opportunity does it hold for the promotional product market? Employee engagement is the emotional commitment the employee has to the organizat...

seven cringe-worthy LikedIn crimes

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7 Cringe Worthy Crimes LinkedIn Users Make

There are over 200 million users on LinkedIn. Everyday people are running wild joining groups, connecting with new contacts, commenting on their connections’ status updates, and much more. And everyday, the social media obsessed marketer inside me ...

avoid costly payment processing failures

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Avoiding Costly Payment Processing Mistakes

Everyone makes them. We’re only human. But learning from our mistakes, and the mistakes of others, is what makes us successful. It is the same with accepting and processing card payments. Learning to avoid common mistakes can add up to big savings....

The A-Z Advertising Specialties team

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A-Z Advertising Specialties, Inc.

In 1990, Mary Anne Wassel bought A-Z Advertsing Specialties, Inc., a ten year old promotional product company. What started as a venture selling branded coffee cups and pens transformed into a business that delves into a client’s needs, providing b...

While at The Clean Show, Allan stopped by to visit with Tim Glenn and Steve Cash of WashTech

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You Are Not Alone

I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Clean Show in Atlanta last month. It was a great time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones. I say “friends” because the investment of time in another person and their business goes beyond...

relational selling

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They Buy You!

What makes people buy? What captivates a prospect’s attention and motivates them to say the word “YES?” There are a multitude of answers to these questions. Tapping into your buyers’ motivations, uncovering pain and understand...

Billy Wagg and family

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Wagg’s Ltd.

Earlier this year Billy Wagg was named President of Wagg’s Ltd. At age 25, some of his counterparts in the rental laundry community may consider him “young”, but Billy is by no means a novice to the business. Billy’s entry into the Wagg’s w...

opioid abuse in the workplace

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Growing Opioid Abuse Presents Problems For Employers

Over the past 25 years, workplace drug testing has become increasingly widespread and accepted and for good reason — many companies that implemented drug testing saw dramatic decreases in employee accidents and injuries. In some cases, the declines...