Allan and Gayle Fowler at the 2014 Business Development Conference

Paige Porio | July 1, 2015

Leaders in Innovation

You’ve heard me say it before . . . Universal Unilink Members are leaders in innovation. When a group comes together, excitement, motivation, improvement and growth result. This leadership and innovation has been much in evidence in 2015 as laundry...

getting started with LinkedIn Pages

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Using LinkedIn Business Pages

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram – all of these channels have their unique benefits in how they connect with users and can drive web traffic to ultimately drive sales, but there’s one social media channel that for most industries, is at ...

Mobile Chargers

Paige Porio |

Don’t Get Zapped by Rechargeable Mobile Chargers

Rechargeable mobile chargers – small lithium-ion portable power packs that are able to quickly recharge a spent cell phone when there is no access to a power outlet – have quickly become a hot selling promotional item. Experts agree on the perfor...

David Friday, Wilkins Linen

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Wilkins Linen & Dust Control Service

You may think that a laundry that has been in continuous operation for 63 years would be slow to change to meet the challenges of a fast moving market. Yet Universal Unilink Member David Friday, co-owner of Wilkins Linen along with wife, Connie, is p...

Members Say Yes to Facebook

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Is Facebook for YOU?

And recent statistics support that opinion. In fact, surveys revealed that more than 41% of B2B firms have acquired a customer from Facebook. In the not so distant past, Facebook was relegated to B2C marketing and considered totally ineffective for r...

HPT Training

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Service Team Training for the Independent

In every business category, employee training directly impacts customer satisfaction and retention, growth and profits. High Performance Team (HPT) is a comprehensive training program custom tailored for the industrial laundry. It’s designed to tra...

HLAC Certification

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HLAC Certification

Medi-Clean Healthcare Laundry Services and International Laundry Services (ILS) recently received HLAC accreditation and shared their experiences. Joe Mastin, Medi-Clean’s Vice President, and Martha Holguin, General Manager of ILS, approached the p...

It's Not About You

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It’s Not About You

One of the challenges facing rental sales reps is getting the prospect’s attention at the beginning of the sales call. Unfortunately many reps don’t even realize that the prospect is not listening to them as they deliver their canned approach of ...

healthcare uniform decoration

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Identification and Decoration

Selecting uniforms for a medical environment is matched only by the importance of the garments’ decoration, whether for identification or brand awareness. “Although there are various industry standard placements for this market, on lab coats in p...

corporate outfitting program

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Creating An Effective Corporate Outfitting Program:

Regardless of the end use of a corporate apparel item, companies have become increasingly proactive in developing entire corporate outfitting programs, where selecting complementary colors and styling is constantly top-of-mind. Think of corporate out...