allan speaking at the 2016 Conference

Paige Porio | August 1, 2017

The Winds of Change

Change is in the air. Can you feel it? I’m not talking about the cooling temperatures and falling leaves; I’m talking trends, the market, the consumer. I’m talking business. This year’s conference and this issue of The Advantage are full of...

proven formula for sales success

Paige Porio |

A Proven Formula For Sales Success

In today’s shareholder-driven corporate environment, it seems business success is driven quarter to quarter, rather than year to year. Rarely, is a company satisfied with the sales reported—there’s always a need for more sales. It’s a perpetu...

wastewater part 3 of a series

Paige Porio |

Wastewater: Reuse and Recycle

Parts One and Two of our series on wastewater, published in the last two issues, reviewed the historical development of wastewater regulations, the impact on laundries, and examined the key steps on the path to compliance with these regulations. Ther...


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From the mall to the airport to the office, more and more Americans are making athletic apparel a staple of their everyday wardrobe. The trend, often referred to as “athleisure,” has been gaining momentum and shows no sign of slowing down. Case i...

The Third Dimension of Profit

Paige Porio |

Third Dimension of Profit

Many people have experienced love at first sight but on occasion your first instinct may not lead to an informed decision. There are times, when business leaders are looking for ways to improve their profit margins, their default choice is to painful...

dealing with change

Paige Porio |

The Constancy of Change

Independent distributors and rental operators are beginning feel the impact of major shifts in purchasing which are occurring today.  We’re all aware of closings of hundreds of retail stores as business shifts to the web.   Some Independent busi...

prepare for your route sales promotion

Paige Porio |

Running a Successful Route Sales Promotion

Over the years, laundry vendors have worked tirelessly with members on Route Sales Promotions. Effective Route Sales Promotions do many things. They help to increase your revenues, and they allow your Route Service Team members to earn additional com...

New Supplier: Tiger Hill

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Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill offers both in-stock and fully custom apparel for business and leisure.  Stocked garments include golf and dress shirts, fishing and hunting shirts, aprons and tote bags for both men and women.  Our broad array of colors and fabrics plus...

websites are still relevant in 2017

Paige Porio |

Why Websites Are Still Relevant in 2017

There are literally thousands of companies that have stopped working on their websites and are focusing on other elements of internet marketing. Some companies feel their website doesn’t generate the income that they wanted and that they are ma...

Extended strap keyholders are popular

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Back to School Trends

It seems like the school year just ended, but we’re already thinking Back to School shopping and promotions. We looked at trends to see what students are going to want to carry around with them when Fall comes and have identified a few items beyond...