self-diagnosing laundry equipment

Paige Porio | March 1, 2018

Innovation Challenge:

The Possibilities of automation in technology are now almost limitless. But in many manufacturing industries, the potential of automation is far from fully realized. Industrial laundry equipment is one such industry. Reducing overhead costs is one of...

Moisture control with mats

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Moisture Control with Mats

When you ask yourself “What are mats for?” a few things probably come to mind. You might be thinking that mats keep floors clean by wiping shoes of debris, that they are for safety, and for preventing slips, trips, and falls. You may also be thin...

Left to right: Scott, Larry and Kevin Tinkleman

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Watching Members Grow Their Businesses!

Nothing excites us more than learning about our Members and their successes! Kevins Worldwide growth has been truly remarkable as evidenced by ranking on Inc.’s list of fastest growing private companies three years running and recognition as a Top ...


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As an award-winning emblematic jewelry supplier, we pride ourselves on three customer service mantras – communicate, empathize, and humanize. If we do each of these well consistently, we will do a great job in taking care of your customers’ proje...

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Is EQP REALLY your best price?

Most people think so. But that’s not always the case with some buying groups. Here’s an example: Let’s take a look at pricing on one of the top brands of GOLF BALLS, the Titleist ProV from a buying group and from a Universal Unilink...

opioid abuse in the workplace

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Opioid Abuse

With opioid abuse reaching epidemic proportions throughout the United States, employers in the laundry and linen supply/rental and distributor industries need to recognize that this problem could dramatically impact their operations. As many as 50,00...

maintaining brand value

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Maintaining Brand Value

When it comes to your business, do you know the value of your brand? In other words, what is the monetary impact of your brand to your bottom line? According to Forbes magazine, the values of some of the world’s top brands look like this: Apple...

prepare to win with Universal Unilink

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Prepare to Win

As a southern boy, I have never enjoyed the cold. But after many years of invitations from Member Roger Halverson, I finally joined Roger and Member Randy McKernan on an ice fishing trip in northern Minnesota. Of course, I was fully prepared with col...

10,000 Small Businesses

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10,000 Small Businesses

A major benefit of Universal Unilink membership is access to an amazing network of entrepreneurs and strategic partners who share knowledge and assist with challenges. Thank you to Member Bill Muske who provided information about an exciting program ...