2020 Trade Show Takeaways

The January trade shows are a great place to see what’s new and what’s next in the promo industry. From unexpected iridescent to sustainability to promo as a lifestyle; here are just a few of the standout trends we noticed this year at ASI Orlando and PPAI Expo.

Fun with Finishes

The glam trend continued with sequins, sparkle and iridescent colors all across the show floors. Peerless Umbrella showed off an umbrella in unexpected iridescent, and the group at Foxyware certainly displayed all-things bling at their booth.

If your clients are interested in showing some sparkle, the #46314 Koozie Sequin Can Kooler is a memorable promo that helps brands shine. Or brighten up any office with a #46308 Vibrant Iridescent Mug – 11 oz. and capitalize on this lasting trend.

Get Tonal

Our friends at Showdown Displays created an interactive area featuring games and tonal graphics (with ninjas) for a fun booth that people wanted to spend time at. The tone-on-tone backgrounds created a modern texture with minimal distraction.

Tone-on-tone translates well to promotional products like the #AP5035 Daisy Rope Slingpack. The subtle tonal pattern and unique rope strap create a modern look for on-trend brands.

Fashion Colors

Tervis® took a step out the promotional box and debuted new colors inspired by what people are buying in retail. The cassis, purist blue and neo mint hues reminded us of the nature-inspired tones you find at your favorite boutique shops.

For clients who want that retail look for their next promotional campaign, suggest items that take their color cues from the fashion world like the #16112 KAPSTON® Pierce Computer Tote in deep indigo or the #46173C Koozie® Triple Vacuum Tumbler in sage.


The eco-friendly promo trend has been around for a while, but at this year’s show sustainability was everywhere. A frequently asked question in the BIC Graphic booth was “Can you show me your sustainable products?” and Distributors got busy checking out reusable straws, green office gear and Bluetooth® speakers made with an eco-edge.

In fact, two names under BIC Graphic brand partner, Hanesbrands, dedicated booth space to their promoting their sustainability efforts.

Alternative® pledged to replace all virgin polyester with 100% recycled polyester in future manufacturing by 2021. The Hanes® booth showed off their commitment to environmental stewardship, workplace quality, community building and business results through Hanes for Good.

The Promo Lifestyle

The BIC Graphic booth looked very different this year as we showed how promotional products are useful across different areas of life; outdoor, home, office and industrial modern. This new approach helped Distributors envision how products across all categories could be used in different ways to get clients noticed and make a lasting impact with their target audience. Numo had a similar idea with their “couldn’t miss it” two-story exhibit that showed how their products perfectly exist within a household.

We were also honored to receive an award from PPAI recognizing 50 years of association membership while at the Las Vegas show!

What’s Old is New Again

Exhibitors were bringing the retro vibes at this year’s show with throwback booths and promos that sparked nostalgia. The vintage-style Land’s End Airstream grabbed visitors’ attention while sparking memories of family camping trips. Another showstopper was the wide variety of fanny packs, both as giveaways and taking prime placement in high-traffic booth areas.

With everything going on at ASI Orlando and PPAI Expo we know this recap only scratched the surface of all the awesome things at this year’s shows. What trends are you most excited about? Let us know and visit bicgraphic.com to find new and in-demand items that your clients are sure to love.

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