build a website that actually brings you leads

A Foolproof Blueprint for Constructing a Website That Actually Generates Leads

Most companies these days have websites. Anyone can register for a WordPress account and pick a theme. But, chances are, you don’t just want a URL. You want a website that actually produces real leads and generates sales for your business. In the linen and uniform industry, a good website produces at least one lead per 500,000 people within the company’s service area each month. The best websites multiply that by two. So, how does your site compare?

While public companies are able to spend millions of dollars on their websites, you don’t have to break into a bank to afford a digital space that produces sales. It’s time to upgrade your company’s online presence. Read on to find out how you can build a website that generates quality leads.

How to Build a Flawless Website

First, you’re going to have to decide how you’re going to construct your new website. You might feel the urge to go with a cheap design platform like SquareSpace, Wix or GoDaddy’s Website Builder.

Don’t give in to temptation. You might save some money, but your website won’t look good and it won’t function correctly. It’s important to think long-term; you should build your website with the expectation that it could generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales for your business. So, spending a few thousand to build a quality website is nothing compared to the potential funds that a great site could generate for your business. Your best option is to hire an agency to design and develop your new website.

But you don’t want to hire the first agency that pops up on Google. When hiring an agency, it’s important to consider their reputation. Do you trust them with your business? Your agency should understand the industry and your goals and should have a list of satisfied clients in the linen and uniform service business. Contact a few of those clients and ask them about their relationship with the agency. If the agency built them a great website, the agency will probably do the same for you.

When considering an agency, ask what website platform they’re planning to use. It’s best to build your website on a common platform that allows you to update the site yourself. Otherwise, for even simple changes, you’d have to contact the agency. The most common platform is WordPress.

Next, work with your chosen agency to secure a domain name that will represent your brand. For example, if the name of your business is “Example Linen Service,” you’ll definitely want to snag the domain or a domain that’s very similar. To buy your domain, go to If you want to really cement your online space, you can buy more than one domain. Consider purchasing multiple domains that also represent your brand and direct them to your principal site. So, Example Linen Service could also buy and

good-website-quoteNow that you have your domain, you’re going to want to create a solid structure for your website. You’ll need a Home page, About Us page, Services page, and Contact Us page. The last thing you want is for visitors to your site to be confused. If they can’t figure out what you do within a few seconds, they’ll bounce. So, make it easy for them.

The Services page should lay out everything you can offer your customers. Most visitors to your site will check this page to make sure that you provide the services they need, so don’t leave anything out. The About Us page is your space to show off everything that makes your business stand out. If you’ve been around for a hundred years, brag about it. If you’ve got great customer service, flaunt it. If you’re environmentally-friendly, put it on display. You’ll also want to list the locations you service on this page. Finally, the Contact Us page is your lead generator. This page should include a simple contact form, along with your phone number, email address and business address.

When it comes to page content, you’re going to understand your brand better than the agency you’ve hired. So, write fresh, unique content for each page and include lots of images so that your website stands out visually.

You’re in business.

4 Simple Ways to Escalate Your Sales

Now that you’ve got a good website, there are a few extra things you can do to boost your website leads and sales.

First, include a clear call to action on the Home page. Creating a “Contact Us Today” button that pops off the screen will substantially increase the number of people that contact you. Why? The button tells visitors what they should do to get what they want: a quote on a new service. Link the button to your website’s contact page to make it easy for visitors to submit a contact form or even call you directly.

Next, your phone number needs to be prominently displayed on every single page of your website. No matter where they go on your site, visitors should be able to contact you immediately.

Third, your website has to be responsive. Mobile browsing is on the rise, and almost 50% of people who are searching for a new linen or uniform services will be googling from their Android or Apple phone. Your website should be optimized for mobile devices so smartphone-savvy customers can easily navigate your site and get in touch with you.

Finally, your contact form should be short and sweet. Cut out fields like Title, Company Size and Additional Information – you don’t really need to know these things just yet. To simplify even more, ask for a zip code instead of a full address. Keep the form as short as possible and your website visitors will be more likely to fill it out. Also, your contact forms should be sent directly to your sales rep. Chances are, the same person that requested a quote from your company also got in touch with two or three of your rivals. Every minute counts.

Your website shouldn’t be holding back your business. Find a successful website development agency, follow these tips, and watch the quality leads roll in.

It’s time to break ground on your online territory!


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