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Ecolab’s Advacare™ Effective against Coronavirus

Ecolab’s AdvaCare™ is the first laundry disinfectant and oxidizer to receive the U.S. EPA approval for emerging viral pathogen claim as effective against SARS-COV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19 Innovation will help protect people from SARS-CoV-2 during this critical time Ecolab’s AdvaCare™ Disinfectant has received the first approval given by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency […]

Rasco Interview with Tarek Shahla

Listen to the Episode: Contact Information: Rasco.com (225) 273-3163 orders@rasco.com support@rasco.com Catalog: Click for Catalog Episode Transcript: Marty Hartman: Welcome to the Supplier Spotlight Interview. We’re happy today to be talking with Tarek Shahla, chief operations officer at Rasco. Welcome. Tarek Shahla: Marty, thank you so much for having me. Marty Hartman: It’s good to […]

Gurtler Research Team Develops New Laundry Method to Transform Typical Healthcare Garments Into PPE.

Gurtler Industries, Inc. announced today that their Research and Development team has developed a new laundry method utilizing Pulse Shield fluid repellent fabric finish which can transform typical healthcare scrubs and clothing into fluid repellent garments, increasing their potential use as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The current healthcare crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has […]

A Message from American Dawn

ADI American Dawn continues fully operational at all locations; as an ESSENTIAL U.S. BUSINESS; delivering healthcare textiles, food supply textiles, hospitality & cleaning textiles, and industrial textiles. Customers: We are prioritizing support to our current customers with committed forecasts. Your ADI account representative is available by cell/text/email for extended hours. If you need assistance in […]

Gurtler Introduces New EPA Registered Laundry Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Sanitize or disinfect…now you can make the choice  with  Validox™  or  Validox  Plus™ from Gurtler Industries. With Validox sanitizer you can reduce the bacteria present by 99.9%. With Validox Plus disinfectant you can reduce the bacteria present by 99.9999%. Validox is registered with the US EPA for use in commercial, institutional and industrial laundry operations […]

Tiger Workwear Interview with Peter Bloom

Listen to the Episode: Links Mentioned in this Episode: www.tigerworkwear.com Contact Tiger Workwear Jake Salemi Sales@jollygroupinc.com, (262)-569-3725 Read the Transcript: Marty Hartman: Welcome to the supplier spotlight interview. We are thrilled today to have Peter Bloom, who is owner and CEO of Tiger Workwear and Flamesafe FR Apparel. Peter, thanks for joining us today. Peter […]

Ensign Emblem Interview with Kristine Shreve

Listen to the Episode: Links Mentioned In This Episode: Ensign Emblem Web Site Contact Information: Phone: (800) 521-0575 Read the Transcript: Marty Hartman: Welcome to the Supplier Spotlight Interview. Today we are excited to have Kristine Shreve, who is the Director of Marketing for Ensign Emblem. Welcome Kristine. Kristine Shreve: Well thank you for having […]

Founder Sport Group Interview with Chris Huot

Listen to the Episode: Links Mentioned: Founder Sport Group web site Contact Information: (888) 871-0990 Transcript: Marty Hartman: Welcome to the Supplier Spotlight Interview. Today we are talking with Chris Huot, Senior Vice President of Sales at Founder Sport Group. Welcome, Chris. Chris Huot: Marty, good morning. Thanks for having me. Looking forward to this. […]