Because our suppliers are integral to the success of our partnership, Universal Unilink pays special attention to their selection. We’re looking for suppliers who will give members a clear advantage over their non-Universal Unilink competitors. Although we are looking for the best overall value, we do not always choose the supplier with the lowest per-unit price, as there are several variables involved in creating long-term supplier relationships.

Our program supplier selection process includes the following steps:
  • Receive and review initial information from potential supplier.
  • Survey members and discuss the nature of their business and product needs.
  • Schedule a face-to-face meeting with the potential supplier.
  • Obtain product samples (where appropriate).
  • Receive feedback from members already using the product or service.
  • Finalize an agreement.
Universal Unilink asks that suppliers meet the following requirements before an agreement is signed:
  • Be able to serve the entire United States and/or Canada.
  • Offer Universal Unilink Members a pricing program that is more competitive than any average independent company could receive on their own.
  • Submit a monthly report detailing each Universal Unilink member’s purchases for that month.
  • Attend our conference.

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