Calderon Health Care Products are Available

Calderon has tools to help you and your customers battle the spread of COVID-19 and maintain virus free homes and work places:

  • Calderon’s Available Health Care Products on our updated Specials List. A lot of these health care products were engineered for another company that changed their item spec and left us with their surplus inventory (i.e. 100% poly knitted fitted sheets & OR towels highlighted on the attachment). Universal Unilink Members can purchase good quality products at or below costs while the advertised quantities last.
    See the Calderon page in the Members-Only section for a complete list 
  • Fears of the spread of COVID-19 via hard surface transformation and the mounting shortages of disposable paper products and disinfecting chemicals has only compounded the sales of our Grab A Rag. Coronavirus Pandemic has heightened everyone’s focus on regularly disinfecting frequently used items and surfaces and unlike “one & done” disposable wipers the GAR can be used multiple times before needing to be disposed of enhancing its ROI and making the GAR a better investment compared to paper. But more importantly because of the GAR’s inherent microfiber features it disinfects surfaces a lot more effectively than paper because it can be used wet or dry, with or without chemicals to wipe surfaces 99.9% clean
    • Currently Calderon has ample inventory of both the Shop & All-Purpose Grab A Rag
    • UPA Members price is only $7.20 box (GAR sells on Amazon for $16 or more a box + freight) and sells in case packs 8 boxes = $60.00 case pack
    • Download a Grab A Rag Sell Sheet here. 

If you have any questions please contact Calderon Customer Service
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