Paige Porio | November 25, 2019

Phishing Scam Victimizes Top 40 Distributors

Plus, nine tips for how to protect your company. By Christopher Ruvo, ASI Central Counselor has learned that hackers tricked several Top 40 distributors into sending more than $100,000 to […]...

Paige Porio |

Brands Taking a Stand

From BIC Graphic Blog According to a recent survey, consumers want the businesses they support to engage in social and political issues, especially on social media. In fact, 73% of […]...

Paige Porio | September 30, 2019

REVISED Overtime Rule from the Dept of Labor

The suspense is over – the Department of Labor announced the revised Overtime Rule, which will set the minimum salary threshold for the Fair Labor Standard Act’s white-collar exemptions at […]...

The Firm helps Universal Unilink members save o money on telecommunications

Paige Porio | September 5, 2019

The Firm Interview with Charles Franklin

  Listen to the interview: Links mentioned in this interview: The Firm website Interview Transcript Universal Unilink Welcome to our Supplier Spotlight interview. I have Charles Franklin of The Firm […]...

power-of-personal connections

Paige Porio |

The Power of Personal Connections

This weekend I was reading an article about a partnership between Apple and Amazon for iCloud storage. The contents of the article are probably not interesting to most Universal Unilink […]...