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Decorating Modern Corporate Identity Apparel

Branded apparel is a very powerful marketing tool that takes your logo outside of the just the work place. Corporate identity apparel makes for great gifts and helps foster team spirit within the work place. Employees wearing corporate apparel are more likely to feel like they belong, and the more stylish the apparel the better. Help your clients make sure they are on top of the industry trends by decorating their apparel with stylish and comfortable embellishments.

Get Decorating for Style

PennFlock 3D Emblem-flock material is layered over a dimensional material giving a 3D look with a soft flock feel

The standard idea of corporate apparel is changing, mirroring styles and designs from the retail and sporting good spaces. As uniform and corporate apparel becomes more stylish, employees are more willing to wear them outside of the work place, building brand awareness and fostering company spirit. Brands can use inspiration from contemporary fashion trends and incorporate them into their promotional apparel by adding unique textures to garments, adding dimension with 3D embellishments and combining different medias together to create something new.

Your customer’s logos should be the focal point of corporate apparel and uniforms, using embellishments with unique textures will make them stand out on the fabric. Adding a textured embellishment to a textured garment can create a contrast and make the embellishment catch the eye. Puff Embroidery, an alternative to traditional embroidery, helps gives garments dimension.

Untraditional placement of embellishments has also been seen more frequently within the uniform industry, creating more visual interest to the garment. Instead of the traditional placement (typically on the chest) your clients can mix it up by heat sealing or sewing embellishments onto collars, sleeves or even the hems of garments.


PennFlock 3D

You can also get creative with your customer’s requests by combining products to create new ways to design their logo. Combining multiple product types can pull together the benefits of each, making sure that logos and artwork look their best. Combining woven and embroidered emblems allows to utilize the benefits of both, maintaining the classic luster of embroidery while still capturing the fine details of woven emblems.


Get Decorating for Comfort

PennFlock 3D

While style has been at the forefront of uniform and corporate apparel design, comfort has also been an interest of modern professionals. With the transition into the focus on comfort, athleisure garments have become an interest in a lot of business apparel. Because athleisure garments are typically made of lightweight, flexible materials, embellishments need to be heat pressed at low temperatures. There are many kinds of apparel decorations where this is possible, including polyurethane badges and emblems made of flock materials.

Polyurethane badges are lightweight and can be applied to just about any surface with a heat press or a sewing application. They move with the fabric, allowing it to be comfortable. While Polyurethane badges work especially well for athleisure, they also add a stylish component to the garment, making your client’s logos and artwork pop off the fabric. These emblems can be customized with matte and metallic effects and can be produced with full photo color.

A hat embellished with a PennFlex emblem

Flock emblems are also flexible and soft, but their sturdiness gives them the ability to be applied to many surfaces such as sneakers, bags and hats which make great corporate gifts. These emblems also allow for designs to be printed in full photo color making it very easy to recreate logos and artwork without having to worry about stitch or color count.

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