With 18 million acres of forest lost each year, the devastation of deforestation can no longer be ignored. At ForestNation, we can’t bear to imagine a world without trees, so we decided to do something about it. We believe our survival on Mother Earth depends on positive human and corporate action.

Imagine a world where everyone grows their own trees.

We want to encourage everyone to grow their own trees at home, at school and at work. We’ve designed  the ForestNation tree growing kits to make it easy and interactive for people everywhere to get involved. We also plant one more tree in a developing country for each one we sell – You Plant We Plant. The idea is to make growing your own tree something we should all do, and to offer companies and organizations tangible benefits too.

The stats – 78% of consumers and 76% of the millennial workforce demand companies to take climate action. 81% of companies are looking for ways to show what they’re doing for the environment.

Companies like Salesforce, Philips and Panasonic grow tree kits with their team and customers and we plant matching trees to reforest and keep our planet healthy.

Let’s bring more trees to life!

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