Emblematic Jewelry

Emblematic Jewelry

As an award-winning emblematic jewelry supplier, we pride ourselves on three customer service mantras – communicate, empathize, and humanize. If we do each of these well consistently, we will do a great job in taking care of your customers’ projects. Our tag line is “More than just lapel pins.” Our core competency is producing completely custom and inexpensive jewelry items with three main materials – metal, PVC and embroidery.

We are patient in working with you. We have a blog that can provide meaningful advice to both you and your customer. Topics such as what size should it be, what manufacturing process, how to cross-sell, and how to co-brand are among our most popular articles. You can find all of them on the home page of our customer safe website.
Looking for ideas? We show hundreds of random images on our website. Here is the main index page to this invaluable resource – You can also find it on the lower right of our home page.

Challenged with small quantities? Our minimum is one, and we never sell less than minimum. Published pricing starts at higher quantities, but we can produce whatever quantity you need and price it accordingly. Overruns are not a part of our vocabulary – we learned how to count in grammar school.

We offer an unconditional customer satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our product, and we will make it right.

In terms of actual products, please remember that each one is completely custom. We strike, cast, mold and/or print from scratch. Shapes and sizes can be whatever is not restricted by the actual manufacturing processes. You are only limited by your imagination.

Gempire Embroidered Items

Embroidered Items

We began with lapel pins. We can educate you on the various processes, options, and budgets. To us, our bookmarks, holiday ornaments, key tags, zipper pulls and bottle openers, are just bigger lapel pins. What we produce as lapel pins we can also produce as PVC, our flexible soft rubber. Fun, colorful, functional.
And to a great extent also our embroidered and woven pieces can be produced. Besides threads, we can make patches with our leather and PVC, Custom leather and embroidered key tags and luggage tags are a hit.

Gempire Custom Shapes

Custom Shapes

Your customers will appreciate Keyfetch software technology available for our key tags, zipper pulls and luggage tags. It is an inexpensive lost and found service with great results.

And we have our 100% environmentally green line – Floral Promotions. We embed flower and herb seeds into recycled linen paper, print onto the paper, and then cut the paper into practical applications. You may have seen this type of product at retail – holiday cards, bookmarks, thank you cards, and wedding favors to name a few. We only sell through our distributor network, primarily to corporate America.

We have many case histories available to you. Some can be found in our blog, and others are just a phone call away.

Under our secure Distributor Tools section of our website, we have theme based flyers for your use. We also provide unique pricing specials from time to time, such as our very popular stock American flag lapel pin. We do not show it on our public pages, as we want you to take advantage of the special pricing to earn higher margins.

We hope that you utilize our services to help you support your clients and reap the rewards.

For more information about GEMPIRE, see the company website at You may also contact Harvey Mackler, MS by phone at (800) 243-4321, by email at