Gurtler Introduces New EPA Registered Laundry Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Gurtler Introduces ValidoxSanitize or disinfect…now you can make the choice  with  Validox™  or  Validox  Plus™ from Gurtler Industries. With Validox sanitizer you can reduce the bacteria present by 99.9%. With Validox Plus disinfectant you can reduce the bacteria present by 99.9999%.

Validox is registered with the US EPA for use in commercial, institutional and industrial laundry operations for sanitization. It is registered as a laundry sanitizer and a

bleach brightener that is gentle on fabrics. Validox Plus is registered with the

US EPA for use in commercial and institutional/industrial operations as a disinfectant. At lower use levels Validox Plus is also registered as a laundry sanitizer.

“With the addition of two new EPA-registered laundry biocides we have expanded our capabilities; further validating the microbial quality of textiles,” said Greg Gurtler, President.

The Gurtler Rx Program that now includes Validox and Validox Plus continues a long track record of delivering compliance with TRSA and other microbial laboratory measures of certified hygienically clean textile results.

With the added options of Validox and Validox Plus the Gurtler Rx Program can validate and confirm the superior results you have come to expect from Gurtler.

Gurtler Industries national headquarters and research center is located in the Midwest   with distribution points across the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Gurtler supports     all segments of the laundry industry including healthcare, hospitality, industrial uniforms, shirt laundries and textile rentals. For three generations the Gurtler family has maintained  a tradition of excellence, innovation and service.

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