How to Use Email to Gain New Customers

Most people overlook the power of email marketing. Whether it’s used to target new customers, or simply to catch up with old ones, email is an effective way to reach one’s target audience. Learn how to use email marketing to the best of your advantage, while gaining new customers.

Send Targeted Messages – Highlight Your Products & Services

Making new customers aware of all the products and services that you are proud to offer is an essential component of an effective email marketing campaign. Implementing newsletter templates that include different sections including products, services, and what sets your company apart are all important to include. If you provide commercial mat rentals and direct sales, make sure to have links to relevant landing pages on your lead generation site.

When focusing on the service sections, make sure to implement targeted follow-ups based on what links the prospect clicked through. For example, if the prospect clicks on the walkway safety consultation section, make sure to send them a follow-up email highlighting this service in more detail. Customers will have your company and services on their mind. This also provides a personalized experience that can set your company apart from the competition.

Email Provides Insightful Analytics

Whatever email software your company uses, you can always gather insightful analytics illustrating whose not opening or clicking through the email blasts. Use this date to your advantage and take note of why these contacts are not engaging with your campaigns. Segment those who did not open and also those who did not click through the email. It is advisable to send these users follow-up emails, highlighting anything new going on in your company. Targeting these contacts can help you add new customers into the mix.

Educate Your Audience & Answer Their Questions

Email provides a valuable opportunity to help educate your prospective customers. Sit down and consider what prospects may be asking themselves and what you can do to educate them. Sharing informational and educational content from your site’s blog or any relevant columns-in-emailnews articles can do just that. Contacts will appreciate this gesture and consider your company as a source of valuable information. Incorporating a blog posts section into your email is not only good for educational purposes, but can direct users to your site, increasing traffic.

Video=Better Engagement

Emails offer companies the ability to share entertaining and informative videos regarding their products, services, company, or industry as a whole. Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, there has been a growing trend toward consuming content through video versus traditional formats – take advantage of this trend by pushing video through email marketing campaigns. The email provider, Constant Contact, affirms that emails featuring a video can receive a 300 percent better click-through ratio versus those that don’t have a video. Use videos to set yourself apart from the rest, in hopes of obtaining new customers.

Email Marketing Success & Your Lead Generation Site

A business cannot achieve email marketing success without abiding by a holistic approach: looking at the online marketing process as being interconnected. Ensuring that your internal conversion process is user-friendly and intuitive should be the first step. If your goal is to increase email subscribers, double check that the sign-up form on your website is working properly and does not require lots of personal information. Forms and thank you pages in general are crucial in bringing users one step closer to becoming a customer. For example, if users sign-up for a free offer on your site, the form and thank you page should feature relevant information and should be functional. If your site is working properly and is user-friendly, prospects will consider choosing you as their provider.

Christopher Monello Content Marketing Specialist Fortune Web Marketing