InkSoft Offers E-Commerce Solutions for Distributors

Attention Apparel Decorators, Promotional Product Distributors, and Print Businesses

InkSoft is the All-in-One E-Commerce Platform for Print, Promo, and Decorated Apparel Businesses. From order to delivery, InkSoft provides all the tools you need to sell and manage custom branded merchandise orders so you can grow faster. If your business sells custom branded and personalized products then InkSoft is made for you!

What can InkSoft do for You?

  • Grow Sales
    Sales tools that will help you close more deals and maximize the value of each order.
  • Get Organized
    Mistakes, bottlenecks and inefficiencies will be a distant memory.
  • Give Customers a Better Experience
    Exceed your customers’ expectations and build mega loyalty.

For more information about InkSoft and Universal Unilink program pricing, go to this link.