Is EQP REALLY your best price?

Most people think so. But that’s not always the case with some buying groups. Here’s an example:

Let’s take a look at pricing on one of the top brands of GOLF BALLS, the Titleist ProV from a buying group and from a Universal Unilink Preferred Supplier. The buying group shows EQP pricing below. Sounds good, huh? Let’s see how that EQP pricing compares to pricing on exactly the same item from a Universal Unilink Preferred Supplier.

Universal Unilink’s Pricelist For Titleist And EQP Pricing From Other Buying Group

EQP price for Titleist

Would you rather pay $42.06 or $41.00? OK, maybe that’s just one freak example on a premium brand. How about a budget brand, like Callaway’s Warbird?

Universal Unilink’s Pricelist For Warbird And EQPPricing From Other Buying Group

EQP price for Warbird

Most people ASSUME that their buying group EQP is actually the best price. With the Titleist, Univeral’s pricing is significantly lower than the other vendor’s EQP regardless of the quantity. At 500 dozen, Universal’s price is at $36 a dozen versus the other vendor’s EQP of $42.06.

Even at just one dozen, Universal’s pricing is at $41 a dozen versus $42.06.On the Callaway, Universal’s pricing is $ .14 higher at 1 dozen, but much lower at 2 dozen and up.

This is just ONE example of the savings power Universal Unilink can deliver for you. At 24 dozen, savings on the Titleist is 5% ($ 2.06 a dozen); at 500 dozen, savings is 14% ($6.06 a dozen) on a single order.

So how is this possible? By limiting the number of carefully vetted suppliers, we can negotiate better on your behalf and deliver the overall lowest acquisition costs. Rather than adding dozens of vendors, we follow best practices, selecting suppliers who offering a wide variety of top products and outstanding service. This sound practice not only provides you with the overall lowest acquisition cost, but in our Preferred Supplier’s case – a REBATE after annual spending reaches $80,000 which many Members have achieved.

Lesson Learned:

EQP for exactly the same item can vary from supplier to supplier. Other buying groups offering EQP don’t always deliver the lowest cost.

Mary Ellen SokalskiMary Ellen Sokalski, MAS, MASI
The Scarlet Marketeer (267) 844-2311