Karl Fowler Scholarship

Karl Fowler Scholarship

Established in honor of Karl Fowler, scholarship funds will be awarded to a deserving student from a Universal Unilink Member Company.

Who is Karl Fowler

Karl Fowler is very close to the heart of the Universal Unilink Family. Karl is the unofficial goodwill ambassador for Universal Unilink and son of founders, Allan and Gayle Fowler. Karl’s autism gives him a unique perspective on the daily happenings at the company offices. His cheerful greetings to employees and visitors alike are an unfailing reminder that this company’s strength would always be the relationships forged by friends and family.

Anyone that has met Karl knows that he has a thirst for knowledge and a delight in learning. Even at a very young age, he demonstrated an amazing memory and interest in the family business. He never forgets a name and is always reading to add to his increasing store of information on all topics ranging from pop culture to history. 

Who can apply?

The Karl Fowler Scholarship was established to honor that appreciation for education and foster a culture of learning in our extended Universal Unilink family. The scholarship will be awarded to a full or part-time college student that is:

  • an employee of a Universal Unilink Member
  • a child or grandchild of the Member’s employee.

How to apply?

  1. Submit all information by July 22, 2019.
  2. Send completed application by email attachment to memberservices@universalpa.com or by mail to Universal Unilink, PO Box 2628, Greer SC 29652.
  3. Include with the application a transcript of grades through and including the most recent semester (for high school applicants) or all transcripts covering a minimum of the previous two scholastic years (applicants now in college).
  4. Include a letter of reference from sponsoring Universal Unilnk Member and one general letter of reference from a teacher, mentor, etc.

This program is dependent on the Member community to alert eligible students to the application process.


Click this link for the application