Speaker Preview

Hunting in a Farmers’ World

Using the strengths that made your company Good to make it GREAT!

John Dini, serial entrepreneur, speaker, author and consultant, helps business owners grow their companies and transition with confidence, added value and complete control. He works with owners, presidents, and CEOs of privately held companies and writes for major business magazines and trade journals.

Join John for Hunting in a Farmers’ World, where he’ll detail how to use the strengths that made your company good to make it great.

New Overtime/Minimum Wage Regulations

What they mean to you… Plain Talk, Real Recommendations

Joe Shelton, Partner in the top national legal firm Fisher Phillips, focuses on advising employers on all aspects of state and federal employment laws, drafting employment agreements, restrictive covenants, personnel policies, and separation agreements. He is a frequent trainer on topics such as employment law compliance and avoidance of harassment claims.

Because new regs regarding overtime, exempt status, etc. apply to every company regardless of size, Joe will outline specific recommendations for staying within the laws. Fisher Phillips recently successfully defended a Member in action brought against the company by an employee regarding overtime. Bring your questions!

Turn $1 into $4,400 a week

Member Case Study

This Member case study will make you want to get on board with Preferred Supplier Performance Matters. The Performance Matters Team works with independent laundries to improve profitability and implement innovative growth strategies. Learn what their exciting new program produces for a laundry member as they present this exciting new system for Turning $1 into $4,400 a week every week!

Our Government at Work

Major Changes that Impact Your Business

Joseph Ricci, TRSA President and CEO, will join the Leadership16 team to describe new and pending government regulations that seriously impact our individual businesses, both large and small and including distributors as well as laundries. Joe is a frequently quoted source in business and trade journals, and under his leadership, TRSA maintains a strong lobbying presence for the rental industry.

Selling Up!

 Marketing Premier Products that Generate Exceptional Profits

Members Harvey Klein (Red the Uniform Tailor) and Stuart Fligel (Fligel’s Image Apparel), CEOs of their respective businesses, team up to bring our Direct Sales Members a powerful business building presentation on Selling Up! With many years of successfully growing margins through marketing premier products, these gentlemen have a dynamic and interactive presentation guaranteed to leave you with a wealth of ideas to put to use on your next sales call.

State of the Apparel Industry

Opportunities and Challenges

Alan Schwartz, President of Superior Uniform Group, brings a unique level of expertise to focus on the international textile industry. Members consistently rate his presentations on the state of the industry as “very valuable.”

Alex Smith, Senior Vice President of Occupational Wear, Williamson-Dickie, is an expert in leadership, sales and marketing. Both Alan and Alex address the challenges and opportunities for Members in both direct sales and rental.

…And much, much more! Don’t miss it!