Marching today, in the Laundry tomorrow!

The laundry of the logistics base of the Swiss Army (LBA) in Sursee , Switzerland daily processes more than 10 tons of wash and other items the army uses for its exercises. In total, more than 2,500 different items are washed and made ready again for use in the field. This challenging mission is executed by Jenssen – the Belgium-based laundry industry-supplier of garment, flatwork, washroom, textile, systems and services.

Socks and protective suits are washed as well as overshoes, tarpaulins and backpacks. Ammunition and other dangerous objects must also be removed from the washing process. Although there are very few laundries that wash shoes in their tunnel washer, the overshoes worn by the Swiss soldiers are washed in a new Jenssen Senking Universal. Even tent tarps with snap fasteners and various ropes, can be processed in that tunnel washer.

The LBA has two textile centers and washes the entire army’s laundry, including the laundry of all barracks and mobile hospitals of the Swiss Army. Interesting to know is that they are one of the few militia armies in the world with nearly 140,000 active soldiers and about 40,000 reservists. The new system was put into operation in September 2019 and has since then resulted in a considerable increase in productivity in the washing room area.