Some of the many benefits of a Universal Unilink membership

Member Resources

Your Universal Unilink membership continues to add value to you business bottom line. Check out some of these members-only resources.

The 2015 Conference

Owners, Executives and Preferred Suppliers meet together for exceptional training, sharing best practices and developing strategies to make the Independent more competitive.

Training Discounts

Universal UniLink Members receive discounts up to 40% on training, publications, and through our alliance with the Association for Linen Management (ALM), save as much as $500 in the first year alone.

Free Report

Get the free PDF report “How to Determine the Size of Your Textile Rental Market” from Members also receive a 20% discount on training videos and e-books

FR Garment Certification

Would you like to be introduced as an “approved source” for FR garments to a room full of Safety Managers? If the answer is “yes” then check out the training available from

Preferred Suppliers

Universal Unilink has negotiated pricing and terms with more than 100 key suppliers. Our Preferred Suppliers include top names in the industry.


From closeouts to the latest technology, newsletters, e-Updates and our website keep Members informed. Now, the Advantage newsletter is also available online at

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