Our Mission

The Universal Unilink Mission

Universal Unilink strives to be an invaluable resource and innovative partner in the business of uniforms, textiles, laundries, wearables, and promotional products by providing opportunities for Members to save money, increase profits and network with their peers.

Leveling the Playing Field

Over the past several years, widespread consolidation has created mega-companies in uniforms, textiles, wearables, and promotional products such as Cintas, Aramark (Wearguard-Crest), American Identity and Halo Branded Solutions. At the same time, we have seen the rapid emergence of franchise and license organizations such as Proforma, Adventures in Advertising, and EmbroidMe.

These huge companies and franchises make it extremely difficult for independent companies to compete on costs with high volume purchases, direct importing and/or manufacturing. Universal Unilink was specifically designed to provide a solution to this problem by combining our Members' purchasing power to level the playing field and give the little guy a chance to compete and prosper.

The Big Blur

Although some of our Members focus on single, defined market segments such as uniform and textile rental, uniform sales, wearables or promotional products, many are cross-selling across these categories. We refer to this sales model as "the Big Blur." Universal Unilink is the only group purchasing organization who has created effective resources for our clients who sell across product lines.