Bob Carpenter of New Service Concepts gave th efocus group report on the last day of the conference

Paige Porio | November 10, 2014

Transition and Growth

Bob Carpenter, New Service Concepts of Zanesville, OH , has been attending Universal Unilink conferences for years. After participating in the Transition and Growth Focus group, Bob gave a report to the members. Here are some of his remarks. My partn...

Jim Sanford of American Eagle Imagewear shares the strategy behind his company's success

Paige Porio |

Know Your Customer, Grow Your Business

Jim Sanford of American Eagle Imagewear led a discussion exploring ways to build systems to gain and serve more profitable client and supplier relationships. Following is Jim’s guide to growing his business. The first step is to conduct a detailed ...

Bill Muske of Mid City Services revealed his sevret to double digit growth over the last three years

Paige Porio |

Advertising Using Google AdWords

Members that attended the focus group led by Bill Muske, Mid City Services, were intrigued by Bill’s success with Google AdWords in his business. Mid City Services has experienced double digit growth in the last three years and Bill attributes part...

Joe Shelton delivered a compelling presentation warning members on the pitfalls of hiring without properly vetting

Paige Porio |

Labor Law

In Charleston, my presentation focused on how you can improve the 90-10 rule whereby you spend 90% of your time dealing with issues surrounding 10% of your employees. In other words, the unfortunate reality is that most employers spend an inordinate ...

Steve Kallenbach is Director of Market Solutions at ADI American Dawn, and can be reached at (310) 595-4064 or

Paige Porio |

The Six O’clock News

Steve Kallenbach (“KBach”) delivered a compelling economic outlook on both the rental laundry and reseller channels. Reviewing patterns from his unique perspective of having been in all three segments of the industry (rental operator, res...

Terry Southern of LogBranders leads a marketing tactics forum at the 2014 Universal Unilink Business development conference

Paige Porio |

Guerrilla Marketing

Terry Southern, LogoBranders, led a lively group where Members shared marketing that’s working now. Here’s what Terry is doing in her own business. Promotional products are an EASY SELL – everyone buys them … which also makes being succes...

Left to right, Adam Seigel, Textile Rental Partners, Donna Bruno, Logistics, Larry Dishmond, Carpet Rentals,

Paige Porio |

Facilities Services

Universal Unilink Members cite increased revenue and profits and protecting current customers as key reasons for entering the $24 billion facilities services market. Some Members remain narrowly focused offering only a bundle of restroom products . ....

Alex Smith starts the conference with his keynote presentation

Paige Porio |

Identifying Industry Trends:

Alex Smith, Vice President of Dickies Occupational, set the tone for the 2014 Business Development Conference with his keynote address. His goal was to “make us think.” Here are a few of the highlights: Our business and the buyer landscape is cha...

Allan presents Ray Ventura, Ventura Uniform Service, a special award for exceptional service to the textile industry

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A Taste of the Conference

I love a good meal and if you ever get a chance to visit Charleston you’ll have plenty of opportunity to experience good food. But food wasn’t the only thing on the menu at the 2014 Business Development Conference in Charleston. By all accounts t...

Mark Sussman and Joe Mastin of Medi-Clean Healthcare laundry share the story of their unusual partnership

Paige Porio |

Unusual Partnership Leads to Outstanding Growth

Two heads are better than one. We’ve all heard that saying and in the case of Medi-Clean Healthcare Laundry, the partnership of Mark Sussman and Joe Mastin has proved the old adage to be true. But can two companies be better than one? Continue read...