Indy Hanger is a Universal Unilink Preferred Supplier

Paige Porio | July 21, 2014

Indy Hanger

Indy Hanger’s unique, no rust hangers are receiving accolades from Universal Unilink Members who tried the product. The story of how this chrome-look hanger was developed is an example of […]...

advanced uniform and linen has new facility

Paige Porio |

Advanced Uniform and Linen

Amazing changes have taken place in less than twelve months since we interviewed Gordon Hickman of Advanced Uniform and Linen in Patterson California. At that time the company was doing […]...

You should care about Google Plus

Paige Porio |

You Should Care About Google Plus

Search met social and Google Plus was born. If you care about your business getting found by current and prospective customers, you should care about using Google+. But this “social […]...

workwear and uniforms with sun protection

Paige Porio | July 18, 2014

Garments that Protect from the Sun

During the summer months people naturally choose garments that will keep them cool during the day but those same garments may be opening the door to skin damage from the […]...

CEO Sheila Eads and Technical Director Jud Crosby

Paige Porio |

ERB Industries, Inc. / Fame Fabrics

ERB Industries’ CEO, Sheila Eads, reports that there has simply never been a better time to be in the personal protective business. As major disasters from wild fires to food […]...

Rental Sales Rep

Paige Porio |

Great Sales Results

Every good sales person I know loves to close the deal. The exciting aspects of the sale like presenting to a large prospect, overcoming objections and signing the agreement get […]...

Customer Harasment

Paige Porio |

Customer Harassment

People usually think of workplace harassment in terms of supervisors harassing employees or employees harassing peers. But no matter what rank employees hold, it has long been a fact of […]...

vital update

Paige Porio |

July Vital Updates

Welcome New Members B & H Linen, Inc, Monroe, NY Bates Troy Inc. Binghamton, NY BESTCO, Fort Dodge, Iowa Buanderie Beaudoin, Inc, Victoriaville, QC Canada Launder 365, LLC, Shattuck, OK Stamford […]...