Save Money

As an independent in an ultra-competitive marketplace, you want every advantage you can get. Universal Unilink is the answer to making your numbers work. Everything we do and every service we negotiate is geared to save you money so you can go head-to-head with national competitors. No other group purchasing organization offers your company more ways to save:


Universal Unilink uses the combined purchasing power of our Members to negotiate discounts as high as 18% off wholesale. If you are not a member, a pricing discount is usually reserved for large national accounts.

Exclusive Specials

Universal Unilink suppliers offer Members exclusive monthly and/or quarterly specials, giving you an advantage over the competition.

Freight Offers

Many Universal Unilink suppliers offer special programs and financial incentives such as free freight on orders of a certain size.

Online Ordering/Prompt Pay Discounts

Universal Unilink lets you stack up the discounts! Do you already receive discounts for ordering online or prompt payment? With Universal Unilink, you continue to receive those discounts, in addition to our considerable volume discounts!

Special Embroidery Pricing

For companies outsourcing their embroidery work, many Universal Unilink suppliers offer some of the best pricing in the industry, including specials with free embroidery to Universal Unilink Members.

Discounted Business Services

Universal Unilink is committed to saving you money not just on products, but also on the overhead costs required to run your business. For example, Universal Unilink savings extend to credit card processing, shipping, web site development, hotel, rental cars, and office supplies.

Order Financing

Don't miss another big order. By turning your accounts receivables into cash immediately you can manage your cash flow and grow your business. Call today to discuss ways to help fill the cash flow gap while your company is waiting to get paid.



Remember, TIME is MONEY! Check out the ways we save you and your team time so you can focus on growing your business. Click here.



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