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Saving the Day with Image Mats

Your customers are looking for a way to stand out… all of them! The problem is, they don’t know they are looking for it yet. You can be the company that finally gives them what they are looking for.

Saving the day with image mats is both profitable and easy.

Benefits of Image Mats for Customers

Tell your customers the truth, “An image mat with your logo will make you look good, keep you safe, and save you money.”

Image mats with company logos are powerful marketing tools. They portray a sense of professionalism, establish brand recognition, and enhance the aesthetic appearance of every floor they are placed on. Company values or mission statements on image mats can also engage patrons with the businesses they are in. Your customers can use image mats to signal patrons or employees when verbal and non-verbal cues are not clear. Motivational phrases and safety reminders can be placed strategically around the office, workstations, or dangerous machinery.

Safety is an inherent characteristic of all mats; there are several styles of image mats and they all conform to this reality. Carpeted image mats provide traction control and absorb moisture from shoes to eliminate slip and fall accidents. Rubber scraper mats also provide traction control, but instead of absorbing moisture, water falls below foot level to reduce moisture from being tracked into buildings. Anti-fatigue image mats provide ergonomic support in areas where employees or customers stand for extended periods of time.

Image mats help companies control cleaning costs and prevent medical and legal expenses. As people walk, their shoes pick up materials from the ground. Dust, dirt, mud, water, oil, metal shavings, etc., no material is exempt. By placing scraper image mats outside entrances and carpeted image mats inside entrances, floor maintenance and cleaning costs are reduced dramatically. Scraper image mats will remove most of the water and heavy soil from shoes, leaving them under raised nubs to eliminate tracking. Carpeted image mats wipe off the remaining moisture and soil to ensure that floors are clean and safe.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), in 2016 unintentional falls were the number one cause of nonfatal injuries in the United States. There were more than 9.1 million unintentional fall accidents that accounted for over 28% of all nonfatal injuries in 2016. Each accident can cost tens of thousands of dollars in medical and legal expenses. Image mats can help prevent this because of the safety benefits described above.

Benefits of Image Mats for You

Tell yourself the truth, “We sell image mats because it is an easy and profitable win-win with the customer.”

Image mats are easy because they can apply to all customers: retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, healthcare, hospitality, current accounts, and prospective accounts. Each business has a logo or brand identity that should be promoted professionally. The safety of customers and employees is always a top priority for businesses. Current accounts may already have scraper mats and carpeted mats at their entry; so, upgrading to image mats may be as simple as showing them proofs with their logo.

By adding value for your customers, you have added value to your services. This allows you to charge a higher weekly rate and, therefore, have a quicker and larger return on your image mat investment. Consider expanding this quicker and larger return on investment to as many customers as you can… business is good.

The win-win is self-evident: your customers are gaining value by having image mats on their floors and you increase profits from their satisfaction. Beyond that, you also build relationships and strengthen trust with your customers who will remain loyal to your services.

Be the hero by saving the day with image mats!


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