affordable route accounting software

Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle is a full featured, easy to use Route Accounting program designed to maximize profits, enhance customer service and yet be easy to use.

Spin Cycle will automatically do required reports, figure sales, gross margins, Receive payments, print or e-mail statements and much more. The use of the program is very intuitive.

A few of the features:

  • Load lists: Print load lists for your truck including items to be loaded by stop. Print a universal load list for what will be needed for all routes, etc.
  • Route Check-in Sheet: Lists all customers, in delivery sequence order, the charge or COD amounts, a space for any changes, comments, and relay to the driver any information regarding the days route.
  • Price Changes: Enter by account and by individual product, future price increases or decreases. Quickly add loss and ancillary charges.
  • Rerouting: Change the day of delivery on the delivery screen and the program will automatically change all relative information to match.
  • Report analyzing products: Adds and Quits, New Accounts, Quit Accounts, etc.

The program has the ability to use RF chips, for example, from general counting to tracking the uniforms by user, or counting any product with an RF chip.

This is a complete route accounting program economically priced. Universal Unilink Members will receive discounted rates.

To request information please e-mail Be sure you indicate that you are a Universal Unilink Member to get program pricing.