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Sports Marketing

custom bobbleheadSports are America’s favorite pastime, and rightfully so. We eat hot dogs, watch our favorite athletes perform and unite to cheer on our home teams. Increasingly, fans are heading to the stadium for another reason: giveaways. From throwback jerseys to bobbleheads, and even Chia pets, sports fans love receiving limited edition collectibles. But what does this mean for you? Professional, minor league and college teams are looking for new giveaway ideas and variations of existing ones. This business could be yours. In order to sell a successful sports giveaway, you have to know what promotional products are fan favorites.

The Staples

logo-towelProduct Ideas: T-shirts, jerseys, hats, rally towels, sunglasses and bobbleheads Just like peanuts and Cracker Jacks, there are several classic sports promotions sure to top every fan’s wish list. Spectators love showing up to the stadium and receiving branded T-shirts. With an appealing price point, it’s a great way to create a buzz and utilize a wearable promotion. If you’re looking to step into a higher spending bracket, fans enjoy throwback jersey nights. Even better, jerseys a re a top promotion because fans will wear them again and again. For other ideas, consider proposing hats, rally towels and sunglasses. These promotions come at enticing price points, and have proven their value. And if a sports team is looking to showcase a particular superstar—past or present—fans love to collect bobbleheads, which consistently rank as the top giveaway at sporting events

The Up-and-Comers

Product Ideas: Reusable tote bags, earbuds, replica championship rings, collapsible water bottles and blankets Recently, sports teams have been betting big on retro and throwback giveaways. For example, the Chicago Cubs gave fans branded, vintage toys like Etch A Sketch and Rubik’s® Cube as game giveaways. Additionally, there is a rising trend that centers on the team’s glory days. Multiple MLB teams have given fans replica championship rings so that they can share in those winning moments.

Because the typical sports season runs the gamut of cold and warm weather, seasonal items like blankets and water bottles have been gaining traction. This way, fans will have team-branded items to use no matter the season or weather. And, to show you really know what’s trending, consider the latest evolution of the bobblehead: the garden gnome. More and more sports teams have been going greener for their giveaways, and the garden gnome has fans going wild.

backpackThe Trend

While the bobblehead remains the No. 1 game day promotional item, teams are getting creative by incorporating sound and functionality. Additionally, the garden gnome is gaining in popularity. Professional teams are connecting with their past glories through the use of throwback jerseys, replica rings and trophies, commemorative baseballs and posters.


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