Allan Fowler


Allan has spent his life in the laundry business and built a company founded on the principle of giving the “little guy” a way to compete with the “big boys.” The partnerships he wanted to develop, where everyone wins, have come to be in Universal Unilink. His dedication to the industries Universal Unlink now serves and will grow to serve is summed up in the company’s catch phrase – UU & You!

Sherryl Stoner

VP, Industrial Laundry and Apparel

Universal Unilink is a natural fit for Sherryl. She has over 20 years of experience with industrial laundries and apparel manufacturers so she knows the challenges and needs of the industries. Sherryl’s goal is to strengthen current relationships and continue to build new ones that can benefit everyone involved.

Karl Fowler

Goodwill Ambassador

Karl’s thirst for knowledge and delight in learning are an inspiration to all of us at Universal Unilink and our members. Members who visit the office or attend the Conference are cordially greeted, by name if Karl has met them in the past! He never forgets a name and is a walking dictionary on a broad array of topics from government to pop culture. The company tries to live up to Karl's example of continuous curiosity, courtesy, and customer service.

Mark Watson


Mark is the Universal Unilink Major Domo, taking care of facilities, providing product sourcing, overseeing logistics and infrastructure upgrades, and running special projects. While his contact with members may be sporadic, his imprint is felt every day!

Paige Porio

Operations Admin./Member Svcs.

With over 15 years of administrative assistant experience Paige finds enjoyment in helping people and organizations become successful. She’s organized, professional, trusting and willing to take on new tasks. She takes pride in representing her employer and working as a team member.

Gayle Fowler


Gayle has worked alongside Allan from the beginning, refining the business in concept and style. Today, Gayle is Universal Unilink’s banker, making sure the deposits are made, checks are written, and invoices paid. She has had this role since the beginning and takes pride in her on-time, every time credit record.