Universal Unilink's program benefits go far beyond the discounts. We're here to assist your business in other ways, too. We have Member Service Representatives who are your exclusive source for:


Product Sourcing

Not sure where to find that unusual item your customer requests? Is your current supplier temporarily out of stock on an item you need tomorrow? Not sure which Universal Unilink suppliers sell the piece of equipment you need to replace?

Your Universal Unilink Member Service Representative is trained to locate all of the above. If a Universal Unilink program supplier doesn't offer it, we'll point you quickly to someone who does.


Problem Resolution

Not sure you are receiving your Universal UniLink discount with a supplier? Having unresolved customer service issues with a Universal Unilink supplier? Need a price list for a Universal Unilink supplier?


We're here to resolve pricing and service issues with Universal Unilink suppliers. In fact, once a year you'll get a purchasing report from Universal Unilink so you can track your savings and check that you are receiving your Universal Unilink Member discounts.


Program Suggestions

Have a favorite supplier who is not in the Universal Unilink program? Would you like to see new functions added to the Universal Unilink website? Need training on a specific business issue?

Universal Unilink is highly receptive to our Members and has the flexibility to make changes to the program as needs change. In fact, we are always asking our Members for feedback on ways to improve purchasing power through Universal Unilink.



Universal Unilink Members have access to an interactive section of the Universal Unilink website where they can search our supplier database, download pricelists, view supplier specials, read industry-specific news articles, participate in discussion boards, post classified ads, and much more.