how well do you know your clients?

Paige Porio | June 1, 2018

How Well Do You Know Your Clients?

I find it quite amazing how few of the people I work with and interview truly know their clients. Both client and market intelligence are critical in having a successful business and moving the needle forward. Some of you may have had clients that ha...

getting the turnover out of sales

Paige Porio |

Getting the Turnover Out Of Sales

It’s a familiar story, especially during challenging economic times. Turnover Often, it starts like this. After a few quarterly disappointments or failed renewals, someone in the organization turns to the sales department and starts looking for the...

maintaining brand value

Paige Porio |

Maintaining Brand Value

When it comes to your business, do you know the value of your brand? In other words, what is the monetary impact of your brand to your bottom line? According to Forbes magazine, the values of some of the world’s top brands look like this: Apple...

Paige Porio |

Transform Your Sales Force for a New Environment

At a time when our industry, technology and the marketplace are changing at a record pace, is your sales team struggling to develop new customers or grow existing accounts? Due to increasing complexity in the marketplace, many distributors and laundr...

Planning a Successful Route Sales Promotion: Game Day

Paige Porio | December 1, 2017

Running a Successful Route Sales Promotion

In the previous article, we reviewed the importance of planning to succeed during your promotions. We covered goal setting, homework (creating a target list) and the “Line-up Exchange” (route person and supervisor reviewing the target list to ass...

ICE the competition

Paige Porio |

How to I.C.E. the Competition

I have heard the following statement many times. “Customers aren’t loyal anymore”. Although it is true that customers aren’t loyal to companies the way they used to be, I believe loyalty still exists. Look at companies like Amazon, Apple, Sta...

losing customers

Paige Porio |

Five Reasons You’re Losing Customers

You know the old adage, “You win some. You lose some.” In sales, when you lose some, what do you do about it? In most cases, many of us simply move on to the next prospect rather than figuring out why we lose some of our sales. What if you took t...

proven formula for sales success

Paige Porio | August 1, 2017

A Proven Formula For Sales Success

In today’s shareholder-driven corporate environment, it seems business success is driven quarter to quarter, rather than year to year. Rarely, is a company satisfied with the sales reported—there’s always a need for more sales. It’s a perpetu...

prepare for your route sales promotion

Paige Porio |

Running a Successful Route Sales Promotion

Over the years, laundry vendors have worked tirelessly with members on Route Sales Promotions. Effective Route Sales Promotions do many things. They help to increase your revenues, and they allow your Route Service Team members to earn additional com...