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“I was very impressed with the team at Universal Unilink.  I simply called in to check with questions in regards to a discount with a vendor.  Not much longer did I hang up and got a call from Laura. She took all my information and had the problem resolved less than an hour.  Awesome team, thank you for the excellent customer service.  You rock:)”

Tammy Little
Shirts 101

We are in the process of signing up with TUO and we appreciate Unilink finding them and the deal they worked out/offered.  We were minutes away before signed up with another supplier before someone in the office suggested that we contact Universal to see if they were working with anyone for this service.

David Arakelian
American Image, Inc.

The product discounts are really helpful to my business and Universal-Unilink has great vendors to work with!

Vince Del Rossi
Health Mats Co.

The most productive and creative aspect of our business frequently is the result of casual conversations and connections made with other people in the field.   That is the heart of Universal Unilink.    The linkages, that I have found as  a result of my participation in Univeral Unilink conferences, and the subsequent follow-up phone calls and meetings that have resulted, have played an important part in the success of Red the Uniform Tailor.  Now we all need to work together in keeping this valued professional resource in tune with the many changes in our industries, so that the networking can do its magic.

Harvey Klein
Red The Uniform Tailor

I joined Universal the first year I started my business, almost 20 years ago as was recommended by one of my Vendors. Over the years I have gained several lifelong friends and advisors….many of whom I turn to when seeking guidance upon encountering a unique situation….from operations to marketing some other member out there has the experience and knowledge I am seeking. And yea, I appreciate the buying power, discounts, rebates and the other stuff that saves me money every day as well! My membership more than pays for itself every year.

Randy McKernan
Image Connection, LLC

I love you guys!

Steve Kallenbach
American Dawn, Inc.