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HACCP Apparel: Growing Big in Rental or Direct Sales!

January 1, 2030

Presented by Duane Houevener, National Manager with ADI and Steve Kallenbach,CMO-Director of Market Solutions with ADI

What we’ll cover in this event…

  • What is HACCP?
    And how does it impact the uniform market?

  • Chasing the hidden money!
    An explanation of the Food, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and related supply chain           market opportunity, and how HACCP apparel fit in?
    Average order size (you’ll be happily shocked!)

  • Understanding the easy documentation:
    The HACCP laundry process defined and visualized.
    The visual flow-chart that becomes a silver bullet closing tool.

  • Laundries or Resellers?
    Understand the exact laundering need for HACCP uniforms.
    See how Resellers can participate in the market, with OPL direct, or NOG rental

  • ADI’s unique HACCP apparel line!
    You didn’t think we’d do this webinar and not mention our wares, did you?
    We think you’ll be surprised and impressed with the HACCP oriented construction in
    our special offering.
    And yes…UPA has a special discounted and most competitive price.



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