Bill Muske of Mid City Services revealed his sevret to double digit growth over the last three years

Advertising Using Google AdWords

Members that attended the focus group led by Bill Muske, Mid City Services, were intrigued by Bill’s success with Google AdWords in his business. Mid City Services has experienced double digit growth in the last three years and Bill attributes part of that growth to AdWords. Here is Bill’s step-by-step guide to using AdWords in your business.

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is the advertising portion of every Google search, usually the top three listings as well as listing on the sides of every search made through Google or an affiliate. Advertisers (Your Company) bids on certain key words that the user (Prospect) may enter. The higher your bid the more prominent position your ad is displayed.

Why Doesn’t Everybody Advertise through Google

  • Small Companies think they can’t compete with large companies marketing budgets.
  • Company may not have a web site, or site is minimal.
  • Companies are worried they won’t be able to control the cost, can’t afford.
  • Companies are worried that the traffic will be irrelevant – not in their service area, not seeking their services, etc. Payback not profitable.

Why Use Google AdWords

  • Yellow Pages are gone, no one uses them.
  • Google is used over 90% of the time to find a Business.
  • Other search engines (directory companies), such as Yellow Pages, Manta, etc. all use Google’s network.
  • Google allows you to compete with the National companies on an even playing field; the ads are the same size.
  • Local companies can slant their ads to look more local, National companies use the one size fits all approach. I use the “Twin Cities” in my ads, I appear more local!
  • Companies that use Google to search for business services are both ready and willing to do business. They are calling on you!
  • Google is much cheaper than a Sales person! Cost per click means you pay only if they review your ad and click to go to your web site. A specific ad helps the prospect determine if you are the right fit before they click on your ad!
  • Google ads can be tailored and managed so the Prospect is clicking on the part of your web site that is best set for your ad. For instance, clicking on a mat rental ad will take them to the mat rental portion of your web site, not the home page.
  • Google Ad Accounts can be set up geographically, by a circle radius or zip codes. You can target those that see your ads and prevent those outside of your service area from seeing the ads!
  • Google Ad Accounts can exclude Mobile Phones or other search engine sites that tack on to Google. This is an area that is getting increasingly complicated and can add to your costs without direct results.
  • Key Words you set up in Google can be as detailed as you want to restrict irrelevant traffic and costs. Keywords like “Rental Floor Mats” won’t get as many hits as “Floor Mats”, but the traffic will be much more relevant and the costs will more reflect the result. People looking for car mats or mats in the home will likely click on “Floor Mats”, an unneeded cost with no return.
  • Google allows Exact Phrase search words to help you manage your costs. Requiring the user to enter “Towel and Apron Service” to see your ad is very restrictive. However, it reduces the chance you will get clicked on by some homeowner trying to purchase towels and aprons through the web using the keywords “Towel and Aprons”

Google Advertising Requirements

  • Web Site – The user needs to be directed to your web site when they click on the ad. Even if the site is only one page!
  • Charge Account through Google –
    1. Set up a Google AdWords Account – this is similar to setting up a charge account with a vendor, Google only bills through credit cards so you will need to use a credit card to set this up.
    2. Use someone to help you set up the campaigns. AdWords have gotten more complicated (as mentioned above). Call Google they will help set this up for free. Be restrictive with Geographic Area, Key Word phrases, Mobile Phone usage, and other related web site links. These can all add to the cost. Have Google teach you how and why!
    3. You will need one campaign for each ad you want on Google. For example, Rental Floors Mats Ad, Linen Service Ad, Towel & Apron Service Ad, Dust Products, Paper Products, Bathroom Services, etc.
    4. Manage the ad campaigns weekly, adjust key words, price for clicks, and the ad itself to get the optimum results.

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