these popular products increase annual revenue

Build Annual/Repeat Business with these Popular Products

color-pensCertain product categories lend themselves to reliable annuity business – and being able to count on reorders and program business offers distributors a solid foundation of business.

Awards and Recognition programs offer a terrific opportunity for highly profitable repeat business. For example, the average order size for awards is 12 pieces and the average sale is $863 net. Most companies have existing incentive, appreciation or recognition programs already in place and the average repeat/life cycle of a program is 5 years. If you’re not selling awards to your existing customers, who is?

Calendars are another great source of repeat business. Everyone uses a calendar! An industry-commissioned study showed that 86% of all calendar recipients could recall the ad message that’s hanging on their wall. The average recall of a commercial on TV is around 24%.

Office and desk items like pens and adhesive notes are also great promos to set up as repeat business. BIC® pens are consistently the preferred writing instruments for healthcare, hospitality, banking and other industries. BIC® Sticky Note™ products are a perfect accompaniment and offer ways of promoting individual office or branch locations, contact info and more.

A healthcare client has given away over 10,000 BIC Clic Stic pens because their doctors refuse to write with anything else. Using the more than 600 trim and barrel combinations, we are able to change up the look of the pen and even do season colors. (clearly, an example of reliable, repeat writing instrument orders).

Margit Fawbush
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