Scott Delin shares tips on winning the competition fight against larger companies

Competing with the BIG GUYS and Winning!

Today, as the smaller laundries and dealers approach renting and/or selling to healthcare facilities and health systems, it may seem like they’re at a disadvantage as the odds favor the larger companies or the “BIG GUYS” to win the business. As they compete to secure the opportunity and get the “W”, they are constantly researching, developing and strategizing ways to get an advantage. In the past, there were multiple approaches on how to win or retain the business:

  • Asking who their supplier was and what they’re paying.
  • Not raise pricing.
  • Offering discounts on certain products based upon usage.

As healthcare facilities and health systems continue to merge, smaller companies will without a doubt find it harder to succeed and win the business against the “BIG GUYS”. Smaller companies need to ensure they are taking a strategic approach on how they solicit, sell and win business. A good start is to take a look at the current services and products their vendors offer and no longer accept the daily run of the “usual” garments that they have been purchasing for the last several years or more. Instead, get and offer new ideas that will make current and potential customers “WANT” to do business with you because you’re able to offer Value Beyond Uniforms. Many companies out there offer the same product line and product mix, but then again do they really? By a smaller company aligning their business with a supplier that offers Value Beyond Uniforms, they will win more business. As operators, you need to realize it is not just about renting and delivering a product anymore, it is about being able to:

  • Be a single source and furnish uniforms for every department, whether it be scrubs, lab coats, patient apparel, corporate ID apparel, work apparel and even promotional items.
  • Offer cost savings solutions and services like energy efficient uniforms that are longer lasting, more comfortable to the end-user while being IL-friendly, and designed to be different from the same typical look used for years past.
  • Provide extended services as it is no longer just about selling. Smaller laundries and dealers need to act as consultants and industry experts for their customers – educating them on the importance of branding, improving their image, supply chain efficiencies, etc…

As the healthcare market continues to grow in competition, smaller laundries and dealers need to ask, are you ready to change the way you do business today? Are you ready to step out of the box and offer solutions that will not only meet your customer’s expectations, but exceed them as well? Bottom line here is yes, you are ready! Scott Delin, Vice President of Sales Fashion Seal Healthcare®, a signature brand of Superior Uniform Group® Contact Scott at (610) 442-0880 or sdelin(at)