Allan Fowler

Everything is coming up New and Improved!

Hello members!

Now that the holidays have passed and we can all catch our breath, let’s take a moment to appreciate the early months of spring.  Sure, February is snowy and cold but we get some comic relief from our groundhog friends and a long weekend for many of us.  Now, with March, we can truly begin to see the glory of nature, get outdoors, and reflect on the upcoming year!

The other day, one of our members commented on the changes taking place in our company.  Although he experienced some growing pains getting used to the new, he was happy to see the growth and how much better we are now able to communicate with and take care of members.  Still the same priority of putting our members first, just a new focus on how best to serve!  When I get to listing the “new” of the last six months, it can do my head in!

  • New Suppliers like Flamesafe TigerWorkwear, Tough Duck, and RacsoFR have joined us, giving members a profit boost with special pricing.
  • Member requested business and health insurance services are now available.
  • The front end of the website got a makeover and moved into the modern age.
  • The member’s portal is better organized, streamlined, and full of helpful information.
  • Our social media presence is established and growing – make sure to like and follow us for contests, giveaways, and tips from our suppliers!

So, what’s coming up?

  • More suppliers will be added, especially in the business services arena, as we identify (and you tell us!) needs.
  • We are completing work on a new database that will allow us to better recommend suppliers for what you are purchasing and keep us informed about trends our members are experiencing and creating.
  • We are streamlining processes, making your membership easier than ever to track and use.
  • Finally, we have missed seeing you so plans are underway for the Nashville Business Festival!  Don’t miss the opportunity to connect with suppliers, other members, and be the first to see the items for summer and fall!  Register before April 1 and reap the reward of $100 off your annual UU membership.

Changes in the industry will begin to make themselves more apparent.  Suppliers are trying to better adjust to the natural fluctuations of sales with modifications in the way they serve their customers.  Smaller distributors may find it harder to work within the new standards.  We feel this is where we can be most helpful.  So, keep in touch and use the resources we have for you. We will keep updating and working with suppliers to make your place in the industry more profitable and valuable.

Allan Fowler