How to Create More Effective Content

Are you struggling to create content that engages your audience? Planning your content can save you time and create a more effective marketing strategy. Before planning content, there are five questions that you’ll need to answer:

  1. Who is your content for?
  2. What is your goal? 
  3. What is our theme?
  4. What is yours why?
  5. Is my strategy working?

Who is your content for? 

Creating an effective content strategy means engaging and facilitating relationships with clients and prospects. A successful content strategy begins with identifying your ideal client. This can be done, by creating a persona or making up your ideal client, what is their age, background and what would their interests be? Knowing this information will help you develop content your target can relate to, thus strengthing your relationship. 

What are your goals? 

Do you want to increase views, sales, or even brand awareness? Determining a clear goal before creating content helps develop the hook in or on the content and makes the content feel cohesive. Establishing, your goals early will ensure that all content has a purpose and direction. Keep in mind results take time and hard work, you will reap what you sew. 

What is your Theme?

The theme of your content gives the consumer a feeling of your brand. Brainstorm some colors, images, tones, and slogans that you feel represent your business. We call this the big picture of your brand, this is what people will think of when they see or hear your name. Your theme needs to be memorable so that consumers will come to you next time they require your product/ services!

What is your why? 

Social media is a great way to build brand awareness because it uses photos or videos to tell a story. Businesses fail when they can’t differentiate themselves from their competitors. Consumers are more likely to support businesses that share their values because they can connect on an emotional level. Your content should show your audience your heroic battle so they feel inspired. 

Is my strategy working? (Document everything)

As a social media manager, I prefer to record analytics the same day I schedule the new content. I record the time and date of each post and analytics for each post. Keep in mind different channels might require a different strategy, for instance, our Facebook group has different posting times than our public Facebook page due to the difference in the audience. The content on our public page is directed toward our target market and our Facebook group is for sharing our supplier’s products with our members. There are different thought processes behind each post and a different aesthetic. You will know your strategy is working when you start seeing those analytics steadily increase.

When you begin creating content, do not get discouraged, you will have to find what your audience enjoys interacting with. Start by making content you feel represents your brand and who you are