Indy Hanger is a Universal Unilink Preferred Supplier

Indy Hanger

Indy Hanger’s unique, no rust hangers are receiving accolades from Universal Unilink Members who tried the product. The story of how this chrome-look hanger was developed is an example of American ingenuity.

During the summer of 2008, salesmen from H. H. Coleman (a laundry supplies company) and Innovative Fabrication met to quench their thirst. The discussion quickly moved to the latest news; large tariffs were being levied against Chinese hanger manufacturers making it too costly to ship to the United States. A light bulb came on; Innovative Fabrication, a precision metal company, could start manufacturing hangers and take advantage of the imminent, sustainable hanger shortage.

The idea was pitched to Roger Crowder and Walt Smith, Innovative Fabrication’s owners. They laughed at the idea….at first. Realizing the scope of the opportunity, the idea suddenly didn’t seem so farfetched. Leveraging the shortage opportunity and delivering high quality/tolerance hangers was an idea worth pursuing. In the summer of 2008, Indy Hanger became the brainchild of Innovative Fabrication.

With no experience in the hanger industry, they began due diligence. Surprising early research revealed that Europe used galvanized hangers to minimize corrosion. Further research indicated zinc-based, galvanized hangers would guarantee elimination of hanger corrosion (no rust) plus an upscale chrome look. Indy Hanger’s business model began to take shape….they could offer what no other hanger manufacturer had.

All the planets aligned when an American-made galvanized wire manufacturer was discovered in nearby Peoria, Illinois; a deal was struck. After careful consideration, a Taiwanese equipment manufacturer became Indy Hanger’s equipment supplier. Not wanting to make the same quality mistakes as other hanger manufacturers, the hanger design specifications were engineered to eliminate “jam ups” that cause garments to “rain down” that cost substantial money and time to laundries.

In August 2008, 6 hanger manufacturing machines were purchased. With all manufacturing components fulfilled; all they needed was paying customers. An answer to their prayers came in November 2008 when HH Coleman submitted a purchase order for 4,000 cases!

In November 2008, Indy Hanger began manufacturing. In mid-December, HH Coleman was notified that their order was ready for pick up. Shockingly, HH Coleman told them they were canceling the order. Indy Hangers had 100 pallets of hangers sitting in their warehouse! Although HH Coleman acquiesced to purchase 10 pallets, Walt Smith had to scramble to get the rest sold. He knocked on industrial laundries doors throughout Indianapolis and surrounding cities. Word spread like wild fire. With no advertising Indy Hanger started getting purchase orders throughout the Midwest. Indy Hanger was in business.

Since 2009, Indy Hangers has doubled their growth every year, has annual sales over $19 million and over 200 industrial customers throughout the United States and Canada. They are located in an 116,000 square foot facility with 60 hanger manufacturing machines working three shifts, five days a week.
Currently Indy Hanger offers more than twenty sizes and styles of hangers ranging in size from 13 to 16 inches, all with their signature galvanized finish. Universal Unilink Members who inspected sample hangers reported savings of 10 to 40% over current sources plus better quality. Both large ILs who order truckloads and smaller firms who tested the products are raving about quality and pricing.

To get a sample box of Indy Hangers to test in your facility call Dianna Line at (317) 622-4692.