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New Colors And Fabric Technology

Wow, it’s hard to believe that it is May already, winter is has come and gone, and spring has sprung. Before we realize it school will be finished and summer will be here. Winter clothes are being packed away until next fall and summer and outdoor activity clothing are starting to show their colors once again.

Golf clubs, bicycles, lawn mowers and even running shoes and shorts are now the visuals of our weekends. Some of us take our lawn mowers to be tuned up for our upcoming weekend duties of keeping our yards nice and pristine, some take their bicycles to their local bike shop for tune-ups while others check out the new running technology for shoes and clothing at their local sports stores.

In fact, last weekend I took my golf clubs to get re-gripped and ready for the upcoming season. While talking to the resident golf pro, I inquired about new technology in golf equipment and bam I was immediately taken into a room with all new technology guaranteed to improve my game and also make me look better while trying to improve my golf skills.
While talking to the pro, some bright colored golf shirts and shoes on display next to the golf clubs caught my eye. New brighter fabrics and materials designed to keep us cooler and more comfortable in the warm summer months seemed to be the new buzz he joked. Although they may not improve your game, you will definitely look better and feel more comfortable.

This made me think about polyester and how it had changed over the years in performance, weight, wick ability and basic overall performance. These new polyesters are now being introduced in work apparel, for healthcare and non-healthcare employees. Scrubs today now have wickable poly intertwined with poly/cotton poplins to ensure the end user is cooler and more comfortable in warm work environments. Fabric colors are brighter following the new norm for the average worker looking for something retail-inspired and fashion forward while being functional for work at the same time. These new polyesters are developed and designed to wick away perspiration and odors while also proving to be a desirable solution to wrinkle reduction.

If you are looking for ways to separate yourself from your competition, then you owe it to yourself to learn more about these new fabrics and colors. Take that first step out of the box to introduce new colors and styles. You might be pleasantly surprised that this is what our customers are looking for in today’s uniform choice.

So, I ask you, how are you going to get ready for your summer plans or vacations? I don’t know about you, but for me, after I finish riding my well-tuned bicycle and mowing my lawn, I am going to put on my new bright running shoes and shirt, grab my clubs and run to my local golf course to play some golf with my newly gripped clubs. My advice to you is keep your head down and sink that putt.


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