Finding your Niche

Do you find yourself selling to a particular industry more often? Or do you enjoy working with a certain type of business – be it physicians’ offices, schools, or something else? Becoming an expert, and developing a track record of proven success, in one area can help you define your business and give you an edge. It can also help fine-tune your business plan and provide ideas for richer marketing and content development.

The following question can help you define your niche and figure out where your strengths lie:

What is your background?

Are you an expert in a particular
industry with contacts in that that you can leverage?

What makes you happy?

Do you get excited about a certain product category or audience? Do you love kids and therefore enjoy selling to schools? Are you so into fitness that you can talk the talk with trainers and gym owners? Are you active with non-profits and
enjoy being of service?

What problems can you solve?

Are you a pro with Photoshop? Do you have space and staff for specialized fulfillment or kitting?

What’s hot where you are?

Is there a particular industry that is on the rise in your city?

The answers will help identify your niche. Once you decide, learn as much about it as possible – web research, joining associations, attending trade shows, etc. to set you up for success.

By becoming an expert, your customers will see you as a resource, rather than just a vendor. By demonstrating an understanding of their particular business, you’ll develop a more meaningful partnership with reliable repeat business.

Your suppliers can provide proven promotional product ideas for a variety of vertical markets. Leverage supplier websites for thought-starters and marketing tools resources like the BIC Graphic Vertical
Marketing Guide.

– Margit Fawbush is Communications Manager at BIC Graphic North America. Visit the company’s website at to access the Vertical Marketing Guide. For a hard copy, email