They May Be Small, But They Pack A (Promotional) Punch

DID YOU KNOW that over 11% of consumers own a logoed USB drive? Want to reach a more affluent target? Six figure earners are more likely to own a USB than other economic groups. Talking to 21-34 year olds? Younger consumers are more likely to own a promo USB drive. Need to reach professional men? 14% of US men own a branded USB.bic-1

These are just a bunch of statistics until you put it all together—young, affluent males—the perfect target for a USB promotion. Few promotional products can hone in to their target audience so specifically.

Perfect for college and university recruitment campaigns or bookstores, USBs can be sold blank or preloaded with course catalogs, video tours, registration forms, brochures, and more. Sports teams can promote an upcoming season with team line ups, video highlights, logins for ticket purchases. Human Resources can give away USBs at recruitment events or as a part of an employee onboarding process, preloaded with policies, training videos, wellness info and various forms. Need a corporate gift that can double as a capabilities presentation or portfolio? These are just a few ideas to help you approach a customer.

bic-2Be sure to educate your customers on the following key points:

1. Commodity pricing is set by supply and demand in the Asian market.

2. USBs come in a variety of memory sizes, so make sure the order fits the purpose and you have enough space for preloaded content.

3. Order USBs with Tier 1 memory to ensure quality.

4. Don’t forget about custom options—high volume orders may warrant a custom or semi-custom design—get creative!

5. Be sure your suppliers ensure strict compliance with all relevant regulations and standards, including tests for lead and other heavy metals.

6. Support Universal Unilink Preferred Suppliers that stock popular models and turn around delivery quickly, so you aren’t always faced with an overseas order.

USBs are a handy tool for a variety of computer users. Small, but mighty, “thumb drives” make great promotional giveaways.

– Margit Fawbush is Communications Manager at BIC Graphic North America. Visit the company’s website at to access the Vertical Marketing Guide. For a hard copy, email