Something New

If your customer is looking for a unique way to gain exposure for his brand among a tech-savvy audience, consider branded virtual reality headsets. These devices are crafted from high-quality, durable cardboard and will accommodate a four-color bleed. Best of all, they assemble in just a few simple steps and are easy to use with any standard smartphone and dozens of VR apps available on the App Store or through Google Play.

Wondering what uses a customer might find for these gadgets? Obviously they’re super fun for kids of all ages—in fact, McDonald’s in Sweden has just designed these headsets into their Happy Meal packaging. However, VR headsets also have many business applications. Think of the possibilities, for example, in the real estate category alone: An agent’s prospects can tour his properties from across town or across the globe from the comfort of their armchairs. Applications are currently being marketed for new product launches, virtual meetings, employee training, hazardous materials handling, and hundreds—if not thousands—of other applications.