Portwest Ltd.

At Portwest we are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality, the best designed and the best value workwear in the US market. As a vertical manufacturer, we specialize in the design and production of protective apparel (PPE) including flame resistant (FR) workwear, high-visibility clothing, rainwear, safety footwear, and gloves. We aim to keep functionality and wearer safety at the heart of everything we make.

Portwest has more than 3000 distributors globally and ONLY sells to resellers. We are here to support your sales growth and help you obtain maximum profitability on our line. Our more than 40 sales personnel in the US markets are here to work with you. We want to bring you leads, refer you as our preferred partner for specific end user business, and work alongside you today, tomorrow and into the future. Our sales team is available to make joint calls, end user presentations and train your sales team – but remember, we never go direct!

In our Louisville, KY warehouse we hold inventory worth more than $4m. All Portwest customers have a live stock feed into Louisville to see what is on hand 24 hours a day. Our dedicated customer portal provides easy access to product images, UL certification and spec sheets which can be easily downloaded and orders placed at any time. Our Louisville Team is on hand to help with any queries and all orders received prior to 5 PM EST are shipped. For Universal Unilink customers freight paid orders are $300, meaning any mixed order over $300 ships free. All products are held in stock as singles so there are no pack break charges, and our price is the same for any size; no increase for larger sizes.

With our Louisville distribution center, our intention is to offer you a single source for workwear. You’ll find FR coveralls, shirts, pants, base layers and hi vis products to 70E and 2112 standards, all UL approved. There are almost 100 varieties of ANSI 107 high visibility products including rainwear, jackets, vests and casual wear.

Louisville inventories 21 styles of safety boots and shoes and 50 styles of gloves, varying from cut resistant to impact resistant to waterproof, to general handling. You’ll also find helmets, safety glasses, disposable clothing, ear protection, flashlights, knee pads and safety knives that will enable you to address more of your customers’ needs.

In addition to huge inventory levels we can assist with custom programs. We employ a wide-ranging team across the world. Over the years we have become experts in designing, sampling, manufacturing, certifying, inventorying and fulfilling custom garments. We work with you on product specifications and target price and can hold custom products in Louisville for same day shipment. Portwest can make any products that you require with your design, your label and your packaging.

With global distribution from bases in the UK, Ireland, Poland and Dubai and customer support staff in 94 countries, Portwest is uniquely qualified to deliver the quality improvements and cost reductions at every stage of production and distribution that our customers have come to expect. We hold more than 1100 SKUs and $50m of stock globally to support your sales growth.

All Portwest-owned facilities and partner manufacturers are quality-vetted and audited to ensure that environmental and ethical standards are surpassed. We manufacture products in Europe and the Far East, including in our new ultra-modern, high-tech factory in Bangladesh. Our factories are World-wide Responsible Accredited Production (WRAP) certified and customers can be assured all Portwest products are manufactured ethically and responsibly.

We’re excited to become a Preferred Supplier for Universal Unilink distributors and rental operators and welcome the opportunity to develop relationships with each and every one of you. For more information visit www.portwest.us to download our catalog today or call Chris Cunningham at (844) 992-0111 (e-mail chris@portwest.us) for information about our products and programs.