Steve Kallenbach is Director of Market Solutions at ADI American Dawn, and can be reached at (310) 595-4064 or

The Six O’clock News

Steve Kallenbach (“KBach”) delivered a compelling economic outlook on both the rental laundry and reseller channels. Reviewing patterns from his unique perspective of having been in all three segments of the industry (rental operator, reseller owner, vendor) KBach pointed to current and emerging “sweet spots” in the marketplace.

Whether rental or direct sell, in the industrial segment, he lists food processing and pharmaceutical manufacturing as big growth opportunities, along with the non-dealership automotive industries. In food & beverage, KBach noted surprising growth in co-branded restaurants within the lodging industry. In hospitality, upgraded linens in hotels and spas present substantial growth opportunity with over 3,000 hotels currently being built in the US alone. An interesting angle on lodging growth was the devaluation of the US dollar, which, along with ever increasing security threats are driving US vacationers to stay stateside.

And, to no one’s surprise, healthcare represents the biggest immediate growth area. KBach observed that most growth is related to the changing dynamic of medical treatment from inpatient to outpatient creating a new and consolidating industry dynamic called “non-acute” care, as well as areas of “sub-acute” care . All of which drive the economy in services and infrastructure related to healthcare such as commercial construction, food services and other healthcare related industries.

KBach’s passion for the industry and fast paced delivery make him a favorite of Universal Unilink Members both ILs and direct sellers. Again, his presentation gave Members many takeaways for immediate action towards growth and profit. The slides are available on our Member website.

Steve Kallenbach is Director of Market Solutions at ADI, American Dawn, and can be reached at (310) 595-4064 or skallenbach(at)