relational selling

They Buy You!

What makes people buy? What captivates a prospect’s attention and motivates them to say the word “YES?”

There are a multitude of answers to these questions. Tapping into your buyers’ motivations, uncovering pain and understanding their desired outcomes are a few of the factors that help you make a connection and secure the sale. However, there is another factor that I believe trumps them all. They buy YOU!

Products and solutions are singular. They solve a problem or help create a result. This is good because chances are your prospect has a problem they need solved or a result they want to achieve. But on another level your prospects want a connection with someone who inspires them. They want a relationship with those who can not only help produce the desired result but can enable them to believe that they can become better themselves. They want that person to be you.

Now it is fair to say that your prospects and customers may not be aware of this desire. After all people don’t ask you if you can make them better or inspire them. They don’t because they intuitively understand that to do so would project an image of themselves as unsuccessful and insecure. But to be sure, they want it. How do we know they want it? It is because I want it and you want it.

We want to be better. We want to be better sales people, managers, business owners, parents, friends, husbands and wives. We gravitate towards those who inspire us and inform us through their presence that we can accomplish it.

So, how do you captivate peoples’ attention? How do you reach into the area of your prospects’ and buyers’ motivation and make a connection that propels them in your direction and causes them to do business with you?

The first thing is for you to realize that you are hard wired with very specific gifts, interests and propensities. These attributes differentiate you from every other sales person and make you unique. Unfortunately, many sales reps attempt to model themselves after other sales reps that they think are more successful. They see other sales reps that are more aggressive or outgoing and believe they should change to be more like them. While it is true that you can learn from others it is critical that you don’t lose yourself in the process.

Who Are You?

The only way you can inspire others; particularly your prospects, is to be your best self. Take the time to look at yourself and ponder what it is that makes you unique. Review your interactions with others and ask yourself, “what is it about me that makes the most impact when dealing with others” and “what actions bring me the most fulfillment and cause me to feel most alive.”

What you will discover is that there are identifiable traits that define you. Your yearning to understand, your ability to listen, your desire and willingness to help, enabling others to see what they could not see, your creativity, your aptitude with financials, your ability to see the root causes of problems and bring about solutions or your enthusiasm are but a few of the gifts you may possess that define you as the incredible person and sales person that you are. When you identify those attributes that are most singular to you and learn to love them; learn to love yourself, others will identify them in you and be drawn to you.

There is an excitement in recognizing these gifts in oneself. An enthusiasm for life that is both contagious and compelling. Unwrap your personal gifts. Learn to cherish and nurture them. Learn to be yourself. Because, they buy YOU!

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