virtual reality trends

Virtual Reality is Trending

Imagine walking on the moon with Neil Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11, or being on stage at a Paul McCartney concert, or running with the bulls in Spain. It’s all possible now thanks to a revolutionary technology called virtual reality. VR replicates a specific environment (real or imagined) and allows the user to interact with that world.

Even better, virtual reality can open new doors for your business. According to The Motley Fool, a stock advisory service, the virtual reality market is expected to be worth $30 billion by 2020. The opportunities are endless: VRTalk, the online virtual reality forum, predicts virtual reality headset sales will double every year until approximately 2025. Not to mention, Netflix is starting to roll out exclusive virtual reality content this year.

If you’re wondering what virtual reality can do for distributors, prepare to be amazed. Virtual reality is about to completely transform the business world, and you could be getting in at the ground level. If a new resort hotel wants to promote its property to remote clientele, all they have to do is send them a VR headset and a link to their VR content. If a college wants to recruit students from across the ocean, it just takes some tech.

With advertisers looking for new ways to increase brand visibility, and for promotions that frequently include a tech component, virtual reality is the perfect opportunity for distributors. Check out these promotional products that will jumpstart your client’s virtual reality promotion:


VR Headset from Prime Line (PL-4670)

1. Virtual Reality Headsets

Naturally, the heart of any virtual reality experience is the headset itself. Virtual reality headsets are the perfect opportunity to get your client’s branding at the forefront, thanks to a large imprint area on the front of the headset. When your client’s end buyers are transported to a Hawaiian vacation, they’ll have you to thank, and what’s better than that?

2. Power Banks

We’ve all experienced what it’s like for a cell phone to go dead when you need it most. There’s nothing that can kill a virtual experience faster than a dead phone. Ensure users don’t miss out on their virtual reality experience with branded power banks.

3. Wireless Bluetooth®

Headphones & Earbuds As a society always on the go, it’s rare to have a moment to ourselves. But, that doesn’t mean we can’t fire up our virtual reality experiences on the train, airplane, etc. With wireless headphones or earbuds, end-users can transport themselves from red-eye flight turbulence to an African safari, all without disturbing the person next to them. Brand wireless headphones or earbuds with an eye-catching logo, and you’ve got an item that can be used for movies and music in addition to VR.

4. Portable Bluetooth® Speakers

Much like a virtual reality experience can be tailored for a quiet environment, users can also go all out with more immersive experiences. To feel like you’re truly a part of the action, portable Bluetooth® speakers are a great way to amplify sound and transform the living room into a home theater.